The completed form number 10, the form can be purchased in the building where the State recorder. All documents are filled in the official language. According to Art. 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine the state language in Ukraine is Ukrainian. In this registration card is filled with typewritten or in block letters. After filing the documents do not relax – what documents are accepted for consideration, does not mean that you are an entrepreneur.

    State Registrar has a number of reasons for refusal to register: 1. Inconsistency of information submitted on the registration card, the information specified in other documents, so you need very careful and pay attention to filling the card. 2. If the FLP earlier was registered, and registration in the future has not been revoked. 3. If an individual is referred to the legislation of a group of people who do not have the right to engage in certain activities (in our case – business), in consequence, for example, restrictions on civil capacity. 4.

    State registrar is also entitled to return the documents without consideration if a citizen asked for an improper the place of state registration if the documents are submitted are not in full. In the case of detection of the above violations of the State Registrar shall issue the applicant a notice of refusal, indicating grounds for rejection and return the documents submitted. With 34 grn. for registration or refund is not compensable. A certificate of state registration of FLP. Within three working days from the date of registrar of all necessary documents certificate shall be issued to the applicant on his hands, as practice shows, in Odessa, a certificate issued on the day of submission of all required documents.

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