Month: July 2011

Property Manager

On how the customer will feel, depends on the outcome of negotiations. To make the client feel comfortable to create a favorable environment, condusive to business communication. Meet the client's office or the Secretary must learn to do other employee. Service requires attention to the customer, so Secretary to meet the customer with a smile, to provide comfortable space for negotiations and offer tea or coffee. The negotiation process responsible for the impression the client lies on a realtor. His task competently advise clients on all their questions and agree on the next meeting. Legal advice should contain a detailed and understandable information for the client.

It is not necessary to try something sell to the client at the first meeting. If the realtor failed to impress and attract the customer, he would return to him. When viewing an object Property Manager must specify all the conditions collaboration, talk about the amount of commission agency, to discuss the advertising campaign of the object. If the client is ready to cooperate with the agency on the basis of an exclusive contract, then you need to give him a plan implementation of the agreement and give the coordinates of the head, with whom he can discuss all your questions. As for shows, clients often express reluctance to work with some realtors, precisely because they show no suitable sites' just to show something. " Realtors need more detail at the first show to find out what requirements the customer presents to the object, which is planning to purchase.

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Ecommerce Marketing

E-commerce. The advantages of today can be safely called the motto of this phrase as 'electronic commerce'. Of course, the trade has not disappeared over the world such as catalogs or Otto Quelle, but they have started strongly Internet crowd. So what is it that such sale on the Internet? If we take the simplest example, it's pretty easy to explain. Unwound his firm makes a good web site (online store). The whole site consists of product catalog, which promotes and sells the company.

The buyer is looking description, photo, price, if it is satisfied with everything, it goes to a special order page. Payment option is likely to be tough defined by this firm, but sometimes offer a choice. Do you do prepay, pay bills, cash on delivery, all this would be up to you. This trading method can be called 'electronic' because the choice and search for the appropriate product is directly on the Internet. This is a very convenient and a great way to purchase. There are also other, more complex patterns of commercial operations in Internet, which are characterized into one name: e-commerce.

Trade in goods came really a long time. But the development does not stand still, every day service and service improves. Each seller seeks to bring its product to a potential buyer to make a choice and purchase of goods is much easier and faster. Over the past century there was a real boom. During this short period have a huge supermarkets, shops, self-catering, trade through catalogs, sale of goods by telephone and much more. It is selling goods over the phone a broker such an idea as creating an online store. Now, for Unfortunately, it is impossible to say who first suggested this idea, as business creation in the global network, but it's safe to say that such a great idea came to mind as the big businessmen and consumers (Buyers). You can ask the question: "What are the benefits of purchasing goods in online shops?" The first and most important advantage – is that a store is open 24 hours a day, without lunch breaks and weekend. The second – the goods supplied by the store, can just see a lot of people. It is also essential that maintain an online store is not too difficult. You just have to add a product, which you intend to sell, as well as, where appropriate, be consulted. Overhead in this store is much smaller than ordinary stores and from companies that sell their products through catalogs. Third, is that goods that are represented in the online catalog can buy anyone, from any city. Even the possible sale to another country, and this happens quite often, as in one country for this article may seem commonplace, everyday, and in another exotic. Fourth, the fact that the initial investment in a store will also be small, especially considering the fact that now you can buy ready-made platform for sales and order to develop trading platform from scratch with programmers. Source: E-Commerce Tools

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American Marketing Association

Almost complete copy of the principles of fashion marketing communications business in the automotive, furniture, jewelry markets make the experience of the fashion industry is extremely relevant and applicable to modern conditions. The aim of this paper is an attempt to fill the methodological gap in the theory of marketing communications in the fashion business, as well as their analysis and systematization of design as applied to brands. Designer brands in fashion business communication mix in fashion marketing at the choice of particular instruments always take into account the specifics of the fashion business in general, the degree of compliance with chosen target market instruments, the possibility of each tools enhance the sales or awareness of the fashion product. Remark on the exact process model, the authors of the fashion transformation (The fashion transformation process model), 'mostly undifferentiated brands provide the opportunity fashion products (fashion commodi-ties) range from most to least fashionable, serving the needs of different levels, depending on the degree of fashion consciousness (fashion-consciousness) of consumers. " American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as 'Name, term, sign, symbol or design, as well as combinations thereof, are intended to identify goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from goods or services of competitors. " Designer brand in the fashion business, not only identifies the seller as creators of a certain style, fashion trends, differentiating feshnprodukt with competitive advantages, expressed primarily in style (design), the second – a combination of style (design) with a name, sign and symbol.

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The Negotiation

Each of us can feel the mood of the interlocutor – so regardless of who is in front of you, do not start a conversation, sitting with a sour face or thinking about something extraneous. I must say that inattention is sometimes annoying much stronger than just inappropriate emotional background. Energetic, motivated partner – that's who will always pleasant in a constructive dialogue, that's who will be able to engage in dialogue. Who's in front of you – the viewer or listener? Above described base in order not to harm the negotiation process. But to make business communication, and indeed "the business", and really communicating the strength a man who understands the personality of other participants of the conversation.

Then will be possible relationship of trust, then you will see the confidant with whom to communicate comfortably and you can safely negotiate solutions to common problems. Just imagine, different people have the perception can be adjusted very differently. Anyone who has learned to avoid sharp corners in the conversation, should not be inferred from a client, but the success of his speeches directly linked to to see if a negotiator at a specific person, for which he is crucified. That draw one, then leave completely untouched the other, will be misunderstood or overlooked. Thus, the basic classification of people excel in their perception of sensations channel is as follows: visuals (in primacy worth seeing), audialy (their "crown" is the sense of hearing) and (these are concentrated in the outside world through touch and smell).

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Publishers and Business

Yes, there are in literature and such a success – bought. Alex Exler, Star Publishing ast, says it : "The approach is completely normal – unless, of course, is money and the desire to spend it. However, if the book is nothing is, the money will be kicked into the wind. In the case of a successful combination Robsky happened: the book has taken its place, aroused great interest, and in the next edition Robsky has itself earned good money. " Patience and hard work all little effort. Alex Exler, a cult figure since the days of fido. His book ("Notes of the bride's programmer," "Honeymoon " etc.) since 1999, walked across the network. Interest in the text is so great all these years, that his site visits on average 20,000 people per day.

That's an incredible figure for the author's site. Publishers themselves turned to him with a proposal to publish his book, but at standard conditions for young authors. Such a law of this business – until the author fails to prove the profitability of its sales – special favors he had not seen. Alex refused such offers luxury and went the other way. First of all, he founded a small publishing house, and he published his book. Next, he put them on sale at its site, and readers immediately bought up the entire edition. Soon came "Book Review", and there is a book Invision Power Board Notes programmer bride was among the top best-selling books.

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Wiz Achievement

-Talent, availability of internal conditions for outstanding achievements in business. Gifted child – a child who stands out bright, obvious, and sometimes outstanding achievements (or has the internal prerequisites for such achievement) in one form or another activity. At the present stage of scientific development 'talent' is understood as 'Potential for achievement at an extremely high level compared with other people of this age, learning and social environment. " Gifted and talented children called those evaluation expertise, in By The Wiz demonstrate high achievement. They need specialized training programs.

Prospects for the development of these children are determined by 'the level of their achievements and potential in one or more areas: intellectual, academic achievement, creative or productive thinking, communication and leadership, artistic and psychomotor activity. " For a single out three main phases of work: 1. gifted students (diagnosis) 2.Poisk sphere of creative activity 3.Primenenie results of joint cooperation. 1. gifted students to identify giftedness used a variety of methods: from the simple teaching (and even parents) to monitor specifically designed, standardized and validated tests, as well as playing and training methods. However, the complexity of special talents as an object of psychological theory and practice makes experts constantly emphasize that the identification (detection), gifted children should be carried out by specially trained psychologists. Detection gifted students is rather complicated multistage procedure. I have been using seven diagnostic stages: nomination, (naming) the names of candidates for the gifted;-Identifying the manifestations of giftedness in the behavior and different types of student activities on the basis of observational data, rating scales, responses to questionnaires, etc.;-study of the conditions and history of the student's family, his interests, hobbies information about family, about the early development of the child, his interests and unusual abilities through questionnaires and interviews, student assessment of its peers information about abilities, not manifested in the progress and achievements with the help of questionnaires; Self-abilities motivation, interests, and success through questionnaires, self-reports, interviews –measures (including examination), achievement, school performance, and psychological testing: predictive indicators (Especially the abstract and logical thinking, mathematical ability, technical ability, linguistic ability, memory, etc.), creativity and personal development of student using psychodiagnostic tests.

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