Month: October 2011

    Wine Choice

    Also today, the majority of visitors restaurants are getting better and better informed in regard to wines. However, the choice of men in favor of a beverage is largely depends on each situation. For example, a man who came into the restaurant with a lady, most likely will order the wine, and it is likely that it will semisweet or sweet. But in the company of friends rather give up man preference for port wine, brandy and whiskey. If you take other addictions, it may be noted that many men are real sweet tooth so, restaurateurs say that representatives of the "stronger sex" is often chosen, and ice cream, and fruit desserts. It is well known that the choice of the buyer or guest shop restaurant in most cases has a significant impact and then how it is staffed.

    Unprofessional or uneducated seller The waiter can make it so that people do not just leave without buying, but also fundamentally change their preferences in the unfavorable direction. In particularly difficult cases, it can not only never to return to this institution, but does give the product in relation to which it was originally set up as positive. Please also provide the buyer may be if the detailed information on the requested product, combining it with sincerity and good will to communicate. In the matter of "how to please the customer-man task restaurateurs a bit more complicated than that of consultants in the store. Indeed, the very essence of the restaurant means more prolonged contact between guests and staff facilities, kitchens and no dignity does not fix the waiter or maitre d 'promashek. It is important to the ability of staff to allow a variety of sensitive situations. For example, a visitor came to a lady and gives her the right to choice of wine for dinner, the lady also ordered a very expensive wine. Here the problem sommelier or waiter – very gently and tactfully to find out how it corresponds to the choice of financial plans master, and, if necessary, gently recommend another wine. The task of the head of the restaurant – so organize the work of staff, to teach him to make recommendations and answer questions, so that the guest was sure that he did choice, ordered wine and food, and told them about his lady. In short, the main thing – to show the guest the maximum sensitivity and respect. Source: Rosemary

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    Green Card: How Not To Get Scammers

    Despite the fact that the World Wide Web there is sufficient information about the rules of participation in the annual Green Card Lottery for the right to obtain a residence permit in the U.S., do not cease to appear more and more victims of fraud. The fact is that today the Internet has many sites decorated a la the U.S. State Department, offering assistance in obtaining the Green Card lottery. That's why, and asked some questions like, 'Online Green Card says that applications are accepted year-round and even a couple of years ahead. But I read somewhere that this lottery is held in the autumn. Who is right? " Or this: "Yesterday I was called out of Mission Green Card and asked to pay for the registration for the lottery. It turns out that it is not free? " And finally: 'I'm an e-mail came a letter with a message about winning the lottery Green Card. It also notes the need to transfer to such a hefty expense.

    " To further avoid the frustrations and financial losses, it should be hack to death himself in the bow are three basic rules. First – there is no official offices, representative offices or centers of Green Card. There is only one U.S. government website, through which (so much sure) can go to the lottery site (which also exists in the singular). The second rule – registration is completely free. Third, the organizers of the Green Card is never associated with applicants by e- mail or over the phone and notify winners by mail. How do scammers operate, and why people continue to fall for their bait.

    Although scammers are divided into explicit 'throw' and those who use honest about options for weaning the citizens of their money. There are several main activities of these firms. The first is that the company does offer a completely free to apply for the lottery.

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