Month: February 2012

    Help Students And Applicants

    Control of work for part-time students in order for physics, higher mathematics, chemistry, theoretical mechanics, electrical engineering, foreign languages, engineering graphics, descriptive geometry, assembly drawings, detailing all HEIs (BNTU, BSUIR, BGATU, BSTU, CAI, MGUP, MSHRC, VGKS …) with a guarantee and accompaniment to the full test. Crib notes, lectures, reshebniki, GDZ, Manuals on the site are free for download Detailed problem solving tests in physics, higher mathematics, chemistry, from the collections of Herod, Trofimova, Saveliev, Devil, Volkenstein, Kuznetsova, Ryabushko, Demidovich; control works with the assurance and consulting on them; recommend and find manuals on the desired topic (BSUIR, National Technical University, BGATU, BSTU, BSEU BelGUT, MogUP, CAI, GrGU, Barg and other Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian HEIs) to download large notes and small (Spurs) books, formulas, Manuals, tests, textbooks, prepare for a successful exam, centralized testing (CT, CT) as soon as possible on the individual program Assistance in the control work, solution of problems with warranty, for details read for students (National Technical University, BSUIR, BSTU, BGATU, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, BelGUT, CAI, MGUP, IILSR, MIM, IISS, HIS VGKS, MSHRC and other Russian and Belarusian universities); consultation. Experienced teacher. In there is all the Manuals and user-friendly order form over the phone; record books to prepare for the exam on the disc for free. Additional information on 1. Supervisor is defined as a rule to the last digit cipher record- student book, and the corresponding sets of tasks are selected from the tables in the training manual. 2. Test papers are sent for review in accordance with the timetable for their implementation.

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