Month: June 2013

    Conference Time

    Goodbye marketing, marketing online welcome form to marketing is changing, the paradigms and traditional principles already invalid. And it is not that I say it, is that this same Philip Kotler said it a year ago at a Conference himself. Assume it, companies and institutions have lost power and control over the information. These weeks we have seen from our homes as dictatorial regimes as hard as those in Tunisia or Egypt were overthrown by the people and this has been possible only thanks to the enormous power of communication that they had in their hands, social networks. Online marketing is not a fashion, implies a change of era. For the first time, the emperesas do not transmit one-way messages to a massive target audience but that dialogue with each of them. For the first time we can really measure our investment returns and for the first time we can do it in time online.

    Marketing has changed asumamolo. Already cannot be based on force toward our consumers to make buying our services or products, is also obsolete the paradigm of the Executive sitting in your wonderful sofa and thinking that you’ll want to consumers or what are their buying criteria. Now you can ask is it directly. They can really be major actors in your business. The Internet is a wonderful channel for all companies. From the web design agency in Vigo I teach I have the luck to help entrepreneurs who want to mount a startup in the Internet, as well as lifetime entrepreneurs who want to transfer part of its business model to internet. Both can observe as this new way of doing marketing is generating important business opportunities for those who have clear that now the power is not in the company but in the users and this capable of using it in their favor. We’ll talk carefully another day on these models that are emerging. Source: Press release sent by vadanic.

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    North America

    The Mbya Guarani make comparison of the sondaro or xondaro with the martial arts. Don Arthur Benite, reporting of Katia Dallanhol, says there is a dance to learn how to fight, a preparation for war, a training that the ancients were the same thing happens to the white, now are karate, capoeira, the same thing (2002: 83). The danzada war, in the case of the Guarani, is against the spirits of the diseases, as in a myth of the Choctaw, indigenous group in North America, collected around 1822. In the myth, the origin of ball games occurred in an era of diseases to make that men were able to fight, and dances were introduced to prepare the minds and character of the people of (Levine, 1997: 198-199). The nandeva claim that the Kaiova make jeroky as army, but they, the nandeva, no. The same thing I heard among the Kaiova. Strong otherness among them is always marked, and pacifist discourse appears there attributed characteristics linked to aggression as being aspects of the other.

    The choreographies of the analyzed ritual and el uso de metaforas military to describe to the gods and their assistants and ritual performances refer to characteristics of hierarchy and power in the Guarani shamanism. Aligned kaiova choreographies are called onesyru, Word translated by Chamorro as a display in a row (1995: 164) ornaments. Informants gave me as examples of onesyru aligned rays and the image of authorities in a row at a ceremony. Choreographic formations composed of aligned participants presented a sort that reminds guerreras10 formations. There is also a hierarchical organization in the position of people, remained the driver of the ritual in the center of the line, followed by his main assistants, and so on. Dancers with less ability to remain in the tips. The repeated use of the term respect also refers to a notion of hierarchy, which is lived in rules of etiquette ritualizan and are of beauty to the activities.

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