Month: February 2014

New Yamaha

The Yamaha brand has a very strong presence in our neighboring country Brazil; its plant in Manaus (Manaus) has an international reputation for excellence and innovation, between the models that have been designed we must mention the YBR, an acronym for Yamaha Brazil; which is exported to countries of the American continent and has even managed to penetrate the competitive European market, managing to position itself as a good option when choosing a bike of the segment low/Med displacement. Among the novelties which presents Yamaha Brazil for the year 2010, we have a new version of the YBR 125 so-called Factor, which copies the format of its elder sister the YBR 250, its major virtues are the new design and the low consumption, still lower than its old version (45 km/L). Speaking of his older sister, also gets a wash face for this 2010. Also we find the NEO CVT a scooter from 115cc who say they are inspired by the design of the legendary R1, but we do not know very well what happened to the inspiration, because it is not very noticeable. Presents a system of automatic changes type CVT (continuously variable transmission) that is often used by more sophisticated scooter.

Since we are talking about Yamaha I want to mention a bike that launched during the first months of this year, the FZ16 manufactured in India, a very well made bike, with an exquisite aesthetic, which copies the Fazer range, but with a small engine, perhaps too small for my taste. FZ 16 is propelled by a monociclindrico of 153 cc four-stroke two valve outside line Offset valves SOHC unfortunately, most of these models, have not arrived nor I think coming in next year to our country, we are getting used to us that our market is not interesting enough to the manufacturers to bring displacement medium models, and much less to manufacture them in our country. Clear, not we can criticize it for this last. original author and source of the article

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Who is not masked? All Human being with material vestment does not show the true face, therefore it has to use some disguises to protect itself. However, briefly, it will be forced by the route of the evolution to show to its face spiritual and to become free itself to be really ditoso. Masked 3 Ahead of it a fire goes that consumes it the enemies in redor. The 4 its lightning alumiam the world; the land sees and estremece to them. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 97:3 and 4.

When the mask of all people will be removed, will not be a cloud, Occulting the mind. It is the scythe, he is vindima, That together they mold the sina Of the right and good men. That they long for to follow the MASTER With straightness of word and act, Showing in fact, the true privacy. Who will not be prepared to suffer this mutation, will not be then In the New Jerusalem Where the people of Good Will only be able to live. It will occur with the man As the fruit that consumes. When the rind removes it Is the good a to be degustada mass. However, always it happens, When the fruit apodrece, and cannot be saboreado. The vile man weakens Of it if he forgets and he runs away from the Face of GOD.

It will be launched to other lands Stops in them Giving good fruits. Of each masked one it will be taken off What it is bad. that one that at last Will have something of beauty Will be part of the royalty Of the MASTER JESUS. Each one will show Stops with JESUS being based itself In its Throne.

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The Risk

Also there are aerosols in several tones, that are practical but more expensive and for anything ecological. If it is antioxide with converter, better. If the color of antioxide is not the wished one, it hopes to that it is dried well (this step is fundamental, he is preferable to delay the work for the following day if is necessary), you always paint and it of the color that you want, using synthetic enamel. Record that is mate, semimate and brilliant, and that changes much aspect of the furniture according to which it is chosen. Loadings the later chorrea brush because and is not difficult much to correct. He is preferable to slip it or and if it does not cover with the first hand, to give two or three him so that it is perfect. It is necessary to have patience! * If your furniture enchants to you but he is perforated of as much oxide, you do not throw it! I resorted to a confidence blacksmith: surely he will be able to replace the part damaged by a new plate.

And you do not forget that this last one requires the same antioxide hands that a old man, before the definitive color. * If you found a skeleton of iron chair thrown in the path, is your opportunity to create your own chair. Again, I went to your blacksmith of confidence and mandale to make, oval an endorsement, squaring round, or of the form that you want (like the round sillita of the photo, ideal for a special corner of the house).What is broken, one knits! The object can be turned one of the most special elements of your house. * It is fundamental to add to them retailing to the legs of the iron furniture. Otherwise we run the risk of lining the floor (especially if it is of wood). In the outside, for example, usually they are leaving small oxide tracks, that do not leave. The protectors obtain themselves in many ironworks; he is enough with taking the measurement from the diameter of the legs of the object at issue. Original author and source of the article

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