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Marketing Tool

Use wants to be well-planned – best advice from the outset saves money and time just seems the use of social media as a marketing tool for Germany’s medium-sized businesses and to be affordable, that is the commonly held opinion anyway. There arises but why, then, this way of advertising in today’s networked world yet so little is used. The barriers are apparently to overthrow, too high for most of the business here in the fray. “The study future of content” shows that many executives afraid to open their businesses for the modern forms of communication, the social media offers. 59 percent of those polled see this media even as danger! This fear, power to lose influence and control in particular. Who thinks so missed an important opportunity the chance to make more competitive to his company in the long term! Cornelia Euringer-Klose and Christian Furst are experts in the field of social media and advise customers of various industries. You know well the concerns of the business lines.

We are often asked whether it makes sense to invest media culture in their own company in the construction of a social”, the two reports. In particular, the loss of control is the first obstacle on the way to a successful marketing with the help of new media. However, this loss of control is only felt and reverses when the exact look in the opposite direction. Because its own act on the Web means a gain in various areas: better listening and necessarily active authentic involvement on the platforms even allows, to improve its own products, to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage for the company eventually with the interlocutors in the social Web! Absolute control never will be even with the utmost care and highest costs even without social media! Now most of the entrepreneurs despite great misgivings is certain that social media marketing will occupy an important role in the marketing mix but. Problematic, the high time commitment for the care of the platforms is often seen. While many social media wish quickly resounding successes. Social-media engagement needs a smart plan, regular time and a continuous commitment to the success. And of the operator must be aware of”Euringer-Klose makes clear.

Only with long-lasting usage can be obtained through the use of new media in the market. And because each company must decide for themselves whether it goes here. But it is worth at the end for all those who opt for a such a marketing channel with all the consequences, because the return is especially valuable: the chance to connect with the target groups directly in contact, to learn from her, to convince them, and ultimately perhaps even to inspire. “Prince puts it in a nutshell: only thus it is possible to participate in discussions around their products!” Cornelia Euringer-Klose and Christian Furst seminars for entrepreneurs are offered in social media an initial offer, expanding existing knowledge or help to develop individual solutions for companies. More information at C. Euringer-Klose

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Animated Logo Design

Animated logo design is everywhere today, why? This is a latest talk of the town; every single entrepreneur is running to get his animated brand identity. Animated logo design is everywhere today, why? This is a latest talk of the town; every single entrepreneur is running to get his animated brand identity. Things have changed and will keep on changing with time. Today, animation technology is considered as a power pact compact which offers various features to the vignette. Animated logo design is the latest technology and trends in the market of online business entrepreneurs, as very well it is said about technology; do you realize if it were emergency for Edison we had be watching TV by candlelight?How true! Ali Boliska has clearly emphasized on the importance of technology in his famous quote.

It sometimes turns heavy on the pocket of small business owners who want to get their brand identity from a reputable graphic design company. This takes them to search for free animated logo over the internet and they get it as well but they should remember a fact that if something is free, the quality is alarmingly compromised which can be disastrous for your business reputation in a long run. That said; animation technology would be a power pact compact that take wants your business identity imprinted in the minds of your potential customers. Countless that reasons are in mind wants to win over your thought, do you want to see a showcase; Here it is 1-biggest difference between animation brand identity and a simple one is that a viewer will eventually look at it for few minutes that will stuck in his memory for days as opposed to a simple one. Secret is the transition which forces people to look at until its done, even better if its creative, enthralling and unique, they will again watch it over and over. 2 If someone spend few minutes watching the animation, then obviously it is stored in their minds and if it is saved in their minds then they might be thinking about your business as well even if the logo is not present there. 3 it will surely spread like fire in the forest, if someone likes your brand identity that is based on animation technology.

He will come back to your website often to review your mark brand identity and if you are lucky enough, they want to build links by inviting friend to your site building the traffic gradually but there has to be quality and ingenuity in your work. 4-not only that, it can be used in commercial advertising or presentation giving you on edge over your competitors. Several advantages are associated with animated logo design if you think seriously. Take the example of Yahoo, they were some of the first people to recognize the importance of animation technology and now see that they are scaling the heights of success. As I what running out of space and time, I managed to provide you only four reasons but I think they are powerful enough to change your mind think and decide!

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Exclusive Corporate Identity

Simple black and white Berlin, Klaus Bender 18.07.2013 – after many years as a copywriter in various agencies was carried out at the end of 2011 his dreams of professional and entrepreneurial freedom. He is ready to accept responsibility and worked very successfully as a copywriter and Creative Director, including for agencies such as Atletico Germany GmbH and grey Germany GmbH and customers such as Alliance, Mercedes-Benz, and Panasonic. Style, elegance, and love of the written word are traits which characterized Copywriter Klaus Bender. The corporate identity developed by menze + Cook us to sustainable transport his message. High-quality cards with blind embossing bring the logo designed by us especially. Marking pliers as an integral part of the equipment makes it feel on the letters and letter and leaves individuality and exclusivity on the paper.

The Web page created by us completes the distinctive look and feel. You seamlessly integrates with the overall appearance of the freelancers. Through the simple Outline the navigation and programming in the responsive design is intuitive to use on all popular displays the Web page. The selected font “Lapture” combines the principles of the Gothic writings with which the Latin she makes, without appearing too headstrong. It also ensures noble accents in all communications and reflects the personality of the Texters as all other actions authentic.

Recognisability and credible design in the focus of our activities were in the development of this corporate identity. Communication is as successful, if she can be associated with exactly a unique sender. With better coordination and consistency in the use of all elements of the corporate design menze + cook at the just-completed project succeeded again memorable.

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They are heterogeneous, since the structure of matter there are a large number of microcells, therefore, almost 98% of the Styrofoam plate is air. The quantity of granules is 5 to 15 millimeters. Granules consist mainly of carbon and hydrogen, which determines the high ecological purity of the material. Expanded polystyrene is not harmful to humans, has no odor, does not form dust and perfectly breathable. Plates from a foam easy to handle, they are not harmful to the outer integument of the human body, not a source of allergy. In the presence of environmental cleanliness, the foam has received extensive use in the construction of residential buildings, industrial centers and sites of strategic purpose. Also, the foam used in the manufacture of vessels, piping insulation, and road construction. Often, in containers of polystyrene food store, at least – a toy.

Cookers have high heat and sound insulation characteristics typical of the magnificent acoustic properties, which are due to excellent performance foam and insulating properties. High ability to foam is achieved by the foam in the structure has a layer of air and only 2% of the polymer, which determines the main heat and sound insulation characteristics of the material. The air is small in the thermal conductivity, so the polystyrene plate has a thermal conductivity of nearly 0.04 W / mK, which is much smaller than the thermal conductivity of wood, articles made of clay, limestone and other building materials. The lower the thermal conductivity, the higher the level of energy efficiency. To get away from the wall of bricks such values insulating characteristics, such as from expanded polystyrene, we need a wall having a thickness of 2.1 m, so the foam is an excellent material for insulation. Polyfoam still used in the manufacture of cold stores and warehouses. Expanded polystyrene has a high fire resistance, due to autoignition temperature 491 degrees.

With an open fire foam, as well as many building materials, exposed to combustion, but combustion itself is not supported, ie damped the flame, then go out and penoplas within four seconds. When the event of fire, burning the foam raises the temperature of less than, say, a burning log. There are slabs of foam, enriched with flame retardants such plates can extinguish themselves, so the often used in construction. If you strictly follow fire safety rules, the foam is much less dangerous than many other used building materials. Plates of foam does not dissolve and do not absorb moisture, so do not swell with time. To avoid condensation, it is necessary to comply with design standards. Because of the resistance to moisture, the foam used for insulation of the foundations of buildings. Polyfoam different low density, but also has high mechanical strength in tension and compression. This enables the use of foam polystyrene plates as a good building material, which can carry a uniform mechanical load, with no deformation or without fear of sagging. All this indicates that the foam is ideal, inexpensive and practical material for the work on thermal insulation of the building, whether new and has already built a dwelling house, building an administrative or industrial purposes.

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Corporate Communications

Documents networks in corporate communications effectively use Scribd, SlideShare, Issuu, Calameo or Joomag: documents networks are among Internet users looking for information becoming more popular. So, this social media offer much potential for corporate communications. Tip 1: documents networks as virtual press boxes for use on the documents networks provide users their content other Internet users usually as PDF files to browse available. So, companies can use documents networks to inform their audiences with information about the industry and its products and services. Companies can adjust their online press releases with their corporate news on the document networks and use them as virtual press boxes. To facilitate the research company media representatives and provide an interesting starting point in search of their target groups after news about the company. Tip 2: with interesting information convincing for the publication on the documents networks offer Online press releases an ideal format.

Because they allow companies to process all the important information about the products and services in a current news format. So companies take up successfully the need of the reader to interesting and relevant information. Tip 3: the companies as an expert position can in their online press releases give hints and present your product or service such as problem-solving. In addition to information about the company, you can publish current news from the industry. While companies should ensure that this information is clearly stand out in their online press release.

Thus, present company on the documents networks as an expert in their field of expertise. Tip 4: emotions with graphics, images spark pictures and videos, graphics or videos from gaining the attention of Internet users simply faster than plain text documents. Therefore companies can use Visual content to your online press release much more appealing for the Target groups to create. So they offer material for the processing of corporate news media representatives.

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Corporate Communications

Company to the success of Twitter, Twitter is now second largest network, is a useful tool for corporate communication due to its user numbers. Currently, actively use 825,000 user Twitter in Germany. Therefore, a presence on Twitter offers great potential for corporate communications. How companies use the platform for their corporate communications effectively, we hereafter describe. Tip 1: storytelling in 140 characters Twitter is for the corporate opportunity and a challenge at the same time. About the microblogging service Twitter, users can publish their content in real time. But companies must limit in 140 characters.

Since the storytelling, which is decisive for a good corporate communication can be a challenge to. Therefore companies should be based on the following points: formulate as soon as possible. Avoid noise words. Like heading write Tweets. Shorten links common term abbreviations on the network use. This applies: the perfect Tweet is limited to 120 characters.

Messages in this length have the greatest resonance. Tip 2: Hashtags for a higher reach and visibility of corporate communications of Hashtags are tags on Twitter, within the Tweets with a hash mark (“#”) are marked. With Hashtags, companies can assign their content specific subject areas. So, companies to alert other Twitter users on the content. To maximize the visibility and reach to the network, companies can use Hashtags that have already established themselves on the network. Companies should create also your own Hashtags and regularly use them to establish them. Tip 3: personality convince users search on social media for the personal contact. In addition to information about products and services she also interested the day-to-day business. Therefore, companies can loosen up their Twitter presence with pictures, graphics and videos. Because Visual content encounter a higher resonance as pure text posts. So, companies can report their day-to-day, customer appointments or other exciting projects. This creates authenticity and makes the presence of Twitter more interesting and more personal.

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Diagnosis: Corporate Disunity

Missing cross image transfer of the pharmaceutical industry mailings, field visits, events, or view the pharmaceutical industry: in the marketing mix, drugs always have priority. But while representing the company’s overall competence is blatantly neglected. The problem: Pharmaceutical companies, show how only fragmentary perceived by doctors in their overall competence the experiences of the project “Sales talk insights” (sales compass). The cause: The individual business units or indication – / preparations ranges in multi indication companies operate in the market largely self-sufficient. The messages communicated by them and other contents refer exclusively to the respective products and market segments. A comprehensive, business-related bracket is missing, so that the competence portfolio of the companies not to apply.

That is also the reason why many claims (“Better Health, Brighter Future”, “think innovation, feel life”, “Doing now what patients need next”) the medical subjects are hardly known or not fair to companies can be mapped to. The mistake: But even if an indication field for a specialist group is not relevant, the information that the companies in this segment also operates a persistent image-forming function has. Company lines assume that the wrapping of the range market activities is carried out by the press and public relations. But their actions typically do not reach the target groups because they are implemented with much to large stray losses. The additional problem: Pharmaceutical companies are moving more and more in a multi channel environment, where all profit centers are present, but reaches the whole of the company not to Ubiquity.

The solution: The simplest and most direct way to a cross image transfer consists in the integration of a competence standard profiling in all media. The business areas in their self-sufficiency are not restricted, at the same time, a comprehensive implementation of the image succeeds but. The implementation is here no question of technical design, but above all the corporate decision making.

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Motor Insurance

'On the Internet there is anything, though usually not what we need. " So say almost all of my friends. I myself constantly in this persuasion. With the rare exception. And I'm not only an Internet user, but the driver, with a little (so far) experience. And all my requests, in general, are simple and clear to everyone too much time 'live' at the wheel. Here, for example, would like leaving in the morning from the parking lot, in advance to know some things. First of all, to what weather to prepare: snow, rain, extreme heat or, conversely, to frost? Especially now, when the weather is quite unpredictable.

It is also very interested in me lately hgv. Previously, I was not very interested in them, and recently found himself on the fact that since he was driving, began to watch and listen to the news that used to not paying attention. And the changes of routes, and traffic accidents – particularly with regard to investigations into the causes of the accident. Is something valuable about innovations insurance vehicle, and so on. So, of course, pleasantly surprised that all this information was suddenly gathered on one website.

Then you and the weather forecast, news and fittings, and news accidents, and much more – at a special 'profile' site for motorists. True, I found it not at once. Until then wandered through various links, came across mostly autos from other regions. And two weeks ago found a brand new website – full of Ryazan. And is called: Ryazan autos. And do not come across it before me, simply because only opened in March. Firstly, the 'Avtosayte' I found a very interesting section – about buying and selling cars beushnye. Very easy to use search-based ads (there are already pieces of 300): a search for a given brand, body style, engine type, and possibly price. I have prisovetoval this site a friend who is interested in local car market. You can immediately find all the necessary addresses – quite a wide list of service stations, shops, spare parts, etc. – In my opinion, the portal for car owners such data simply must be. Well, since I share my 'discovery' talking about the new site in Ryanete, you have to enumerate all the rest. There's a lot of things – and jokes 'in the subject' polls funny and serious topics. Most pleased to be honest, the section 'History of car': I found out there information on many foreign cars and domestic models, it fill some gaps in my knowledge. And like the section – 'Auto club'. The impression is that there have collected tips for all occasions in the life of a motorist. Starting with the sda and ending with advice on inspections and the types of insurance vehicle. By the way, a little understanding in the design, I can say: the site rather stylishly decorated, and the other almost does not look like. Probably, it remains to name the address:. By the way, remember it is not necessary. If you type in any normal search engine the words 'autos Ryazan', he is listed in one of the first. And 'a snack': they say that soon the site will be your forum. Hence, it will be possible communicate with such as I, drove, of his own bread. Good luck to all! A. Viktorov

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