Month: July 2015

Helmut Hoffer

But instead of high appreciation for the power and courage to challenge overpowering competition, moved due to owner much malice to Neofonie Patzer at the presentation. Now also Neofonie has arrived in the roller coaster of life. But because Helmut Hoffer of Ankerkshoffen (formerly Oertel) is the location’s not nice talking, but remains active and has a clear plan for the next steps in the launches of the WePad, he is right by the day and left the road, don’t be discouraged. In addition, he knows the strong partner by once now on his side. Now someone wants to ask seriously whether Neofonie, the gods to draws the death penalties due to the outrageous handle after the Sun and the stars. Caution. Neofonie decorates itself already a star: neofonie * more info: disclosure: Neofonie is a founding member of the xmlcity: berlin e.

V. the today’s Xinnovations e. V. Neofonie is a strong partner of the Xinnovations, the annual Conference for Web-based information technologies at the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin. The Xinnovations e.

V. is an Association of companies and institutions that are active in the field of Internet-based economic and communication processes. The goal of the Association is to establish a nationwide competence centre for network-based information technologies and applications in Berlin. The sustainable networking of stakeholders from business, science, politics and management, to create new alliances for technological innovation and promote the exploitation of r & d results across networks. A current project is Vikora – competence network for virtual communication and work areas. Vikora is funded with federal and State funds. It should help with, to establish the region of Berlin-Brandenburg as a competence centre for innovative communications solutions. Members of the network are: AM-SoFT GmbH IT systems, ART + COM AG, EsPresto AG, secrypt GmbH, Witte Office technology, Xinnovations E.v. contact: Xinnovations e. V. press contact Rainer Thiem Kleist street 23-26 10787 Berlin Tel: + 49 30 21001-407 E-Mail: Internet:

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Warning The Firm BaumgartenBrandt For MIG Film GmbH

As the film industry takes action against file sharers with the business of the warnings in the area of copyright law some law firms in the entire Federal territory create a not inconsiderable and inexhaustible source of revenue. As representing the interests of some well-known rightsholders Internet and especially file-sharing are allegedly users because committed copyright infringement i. S. v. 85, 16, 19a UrhG to the cashier asked. Share digital file sharing networks, which are actually used, illegal music works, cinematographic works, as well as PC games platforms hide behind the concept of file sharing. Each storing a file on the own data carriers (disks) already represents a reproduction. For the tech-savvy the following should be noted: downloads in the framework is due to system constraints and without the possibility to be able to avoid this, by appropriate supplementary programmes (such as flux MOD) by p2p – / peer-to-peer-networks the file at the same time the upload provided, even if they not yet fully loaded or the download folder is locked.

“” On behalf of rights holder MIG Film GmbH Duren for example the Berlin firm BaumgartenBrandt calling for just such alleged infringements, namely the illicit exploitation of cinematographic works of battle of the barbarians currently”, 1612 attack of the Crusaders”, as well as Nobel Son “, against users of file-sharing systems from. The lawyers of the law firm of BaumgartenBrandt demand a flat-rate amount of comparison i. H. v. EUR 850, which consists of the positions of legal costs and damages in each case.

At the same time the Dunned down should be required to cease and desist. These claims are standardized in 97 UrhG. Dangerous and desist, that go far beyond the fulfilment of the above-mentioned legal claim are attached for the Dunned down the warning letter. Herein is the recognition of the alleged infringement and all claims made claims. It is doing so in fact a debt acknowledgement. Because of the 30-year duration of the default contract so significant legal and particularly financial consequences can go hand in hand. Although the deadlines to comply with the designated claims are often very short, and so the threat scenario is completed, is yet to advise against a hasty signing of the cease and desist. Concerned connection owner should consult on this matter absolutely legally. Here you will find general information on the subject of cease and desist letter. On this page we will report more warnings of the firm BaumgartenBrandt. Lawyer of Philipp Achilles

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