Month: January 2016

Business, Spring Boom

Not because the economy is booming, not because they want to encourage potential buyers all at breakneck speed quickly buy. No. Because with each passing day more and more sellers there that sell business connection existing credit obligations. This is how credit-related and not related to the objects sold the business. There are objects, some of which (usually indoors) are in credit. And business owners are forced to sell all, say restaurant because I did not "pull" to extend credit, ie, restaurant with view of loan payments is working at a loss. These loan payments, do not naturally fall on the shoulders of the buyer: in purchase the seller of a portion of the amount received to repay the loan and the buyer gets the business without a valid credit obligations and works with a profit.

A lot of objects are sold due to the availability of credit from the owners commitments for the purchased on credit cars, apartments, houses, etc. This does not mean that business something bad. Just to solve the dilemma, what to sell: apartment where you live, or business, to repay part of the amount of credit for apartment, and the remaining money to open something more modest – usually decided in favor of leaving the apartment. For these reasons, sellers become more flexible on the price of your business, because if they "Stubborn," they lose each month exactly the amount paid on the loan. Increasingly, we hear from the sellers: "If it were not for credit, in my life I would not sell his business." And it is quite logical and reasonable in the present circumstances.

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