Month: March 2016

Tawfik Treatment

The glioblastoma is an aggressive form of brain tumors with approximately 120,000 new cases worldwide. Although therapeutic advances could be achieved in the last few years, medical needs is always still enormously high after effective treatment options to patients who suffer from this terrible disease, to help. The results of the previous study for the NanoTherm MagForce therapy are promising. I look forward to be able to participate in this new study. It aims to validate the results in comparison to the currently established standard therapy in a larger patient population. This allows meaningful conclusions Let’s about the potential of this new approach to treating this desperate so far Patients”, added Prof.

Dr. Walter of Santos, Director of the clinic for neurosurgery and neuro-oncology at the University Hospital of Munster, President of the Neuroonkologischen Association (NOA) and head of this clinical study. NanoTherm therapy the NanoTherm is a novel process for the local treatment of solid tumors. Principle of the method is the direct introduction of superparamagnetic nanoparticles in a tumor and their subsequent warming in an alternating magnetic field. The nano-particles are very small (diameter about 15 nanometers) and contain iron oxide with a shell made of Aminosilanes. The particles are through a magnetic field, which changes its polarity up to 100,000 times per second, put into vibration and thereby generate heat. Depending on the achieved temperatures in the tumor and the duration of treatment the tumor cells are destroyed either directly (thermal ablation), or they are more sensitive to an accompanying radio – or chemotherapy (hyperthermia). With this new Treatment approach is thus able to fight the tumor from the inside out and to protect surrounding healthy tissue.

The nano-particles remain in the treatment area, so repeated treatments and integration into multimodal therapy concepts are possible. The NanoTherm therapy is approved in 27 European countries. Nano launch: The Nano launch AG is a leading nanotechnology investment company. The company invested venture capital (venture capital, VC) in young promising nanotechnology companies. Thereby, Nanostart invests globally and at different stages of development. The investments of the company focus on innovative sectors such as Cleantech, life sciences and IT/electronics. Nanostart invests directly in nanotechnology companies, or through regional nanotechnology Fund. The headquarters of nano start AG is Frankfurt am Main. MagForce: The MagForce AG is a leader in the field of nanomedicine medical technology company with a focus in Oncology. The company’s own treatment method NanoTherm allows the targeted treatment of solid tumors of the intratumoral distribution of heat therapy enabling superparamagnetic nanoparticles. NanoPlan NanoTherm and NanoActivatorTM are part of the therapy and have a EU-wide approval as medical devices for the treatment of brain tumors. MagForce, NanoPlan NanoTherm and NanoActivatorTM are trademarks of MagForce AG in various countries.

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Business Answering Machine

Sooner or later, any company the question arises – what to do to improve performance? How to save time and financial resources, and possibly automate some internal processes? Below you will find little information shedding light on these questions. The term often causes the answering machine hears negative emotions – a soulless tool, answering machine, obsessive phone calls – in particular, is associated in most people with given word. Meanwhile, in essence it is a useful and necessary thing for the business. Especially if the business – in services or sales, where much depends on the flow of clients and interact with them. If turnovers are big, and customer base – the corresponding volume, the companies use the services of call-centers, offering service of outgoing calls and customer information. For all that, nobody wants to pass on their accumulated base into the wrong hands, let even if it is in the interests of the company. For security purposes, much better to install an enterprise system of outgoing calls. The program, answering machine Call Office, if I set it up, as it becomes, can deal with your clients, provide them with necessary information and to register their messages completely replacing the call-center employee.

The difference is only that you will be completely control the program, and it will alert your customers automatically, at least a whole day. In this notification can go through different channels (telephone calls and SMS). Avtoinformirovanie becoming more common and more service because it significant saving of labor, and the fact that buying software once, you save yourself from having to pay anything else, winningly warms the soul. Summarizing, we can say that companies are already using the program, such as those described, for communicating with customers – be satisfied.

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Smart Business

A distinctive feature of this program is its focus on the work of beauty, ease of use and intuitive interface. Closely enough to study the user manual and pay several hours in order to try to work in practice in it. Install and configure the program is as simple as the simplest to install any game on the computer. What can this program and why is it necessary? There are 2 versions of this program, designed to streamline the activities as administrator and director of a beauty salon. Small & Smart Business v 1.0 Administrator. Small & Smart Business v 1.0 Administrator & Director Version Small & Smart Business v 1.0 Administrator" facilitates daily chore of administrators with a convenient working place and also allows you to save a single database and update all the information about clients and services rendered. "Small and smart business" for the administrator – is: Maintain databases on customers, employees, goods and services to clients Ability to record a reception with the help of grid scheduling Maintaining loyalty cards to customers convenient, simple interface to billing pay and working with ability to track the cash register business state client's account possibility of formation of discounts on goods and services Ability to create and print price list of goods and services Management Total internal documents the company with the ability to create and edit new documents with the original "cap" and the company's own logo, which they are registered in the system and storing the text content in its own database of electronic documents can print and export basic forms of documents and reports in Excel User-friendly calculator for large settlements with clients Ability work with a barcode scanner version Small & Smart Business v 1.0 Administrator & Director" is a vital tool in managing the organization for the director and provides new opportunities for management and analysis of your business: automation of routine processes, detailed information on each client (customer base) control income and expenditure of material resources (warehouse) generation of reports on the activities of the enterprise (reports) Analysis financial attractiveness and profitability of services (analytics) payroll employees (staff) analysis and planning of economic activities (analysis) management of financial flows organizations (book income-expenditure) for more information about the program can be found at the site developer Small & Smart Business or call the office: +7 (3822) 51-42-43, (3822) 06.04.51. Is this is the program for your salon or not – you decide.

In any case, a modern business can not imagine without the use of information technology, and sooner or later everybody will be faced with a choice of software, regardless of the direction of the business. Who will miss day now, will lag behind a year later. Remember this and do not waste time in vain. Success to you and your business!

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Start Floral Business

Decided to engage in trade, but do not know what to sell? Why not flowers? Goods in demand, especially during the holidays. Margin up to 300%. And the environment – above all praise, no extra costs to you on interior design – the product itself creates the right atmosphere. What is not business for aesthetes? However, not all that easy in the flower business. Still, do not talk about sad things – start with the life-affirming numbers: the capacity of Russian market experts estimate is not less than $ 1.2 billion a year. Why are there experts, rather a couple of times to go to the flower market, especially during the holidays to see – the goods that neither is the best way. But perishable! So buy the first, and the next few games (until you have experience) should be limited in volume.

However, the start order. To begin with, especially if you have little experience and even less initial capital, try to rent a tent on urban market or near busy intersections. Preferably in the center of town, where traditionally a large concentration of office buildings – (divide the estimated number of employees in the district at 365 and rejoice – birthdays at work made not only to celebrate but also to congratulate colleagues). But there are also numerous officers, directors, heads of departments to whom also prevents bend … But let's not get carried away. Documents collected by FE registered place is found – You can start a "big flower business!" Most beginners prefer to go for the least risky, but much less lucrative path – a daily (or every two or three days) purchases required consignment from wholesalers dealers.

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