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Andre Wagner – Visions Of Time

WHITECONCEPTS shows Andre Wagner is a romantic in a solo exhibition of Andre Wagner. “It does travel in areas that promise him the possibility of extreme authentic experiences he observed people in their rituals and reveals her inner light.” Dr. Wibke (b. 1980, lives and works in Berlin) has created a remarkable work by Bonin, culture journalist Andre Wagner in the last 10 years. The young photographer picks up real existing situations. His painterly poetic images are created through long-term exposure. Artistically he deals with the contradictions of human existence: the deep attachment to nature in contrast to the culture of industrial progress.

This is evident in his early drawings of fire, he writes as a self-portrait in the nocturnal landscape, as well as in its landscape portraits that reflect the human and the nature as a manifestation. One of the outstanding images of the series Romance of element”is the recording of the dried-out for me River in New Zealand. The photographer has it filled the bed of the missing River with a spiral beam stretching miles and so figuratively replaces one element with another. It has cost him much effort and discipline, to dance the riverbed with the huge torch down to a fire performance for the land, the air, the room again and execute the missing water. It took nearly a full night, run the km for this recording, until the next morning dawned and the last drops of light oil was consumed.” Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, curator, Kaunas Photo Festival, an artist, and not just a photographer, can the ability have, to see objects behind the lens, to absorb the atmosphere and then to color them with the feelings expressed through them. Artistic photography is Andre Wagner’s medium and the beauty is his motive in time.

When energy is dynamic and not static, their movement is incessantly. The movement of time is not only vertically, but goes in all directions and all Dimensions. His images are timeless and invade externally by the inertia of the silence, but create turbulent emotions inside. We can try with his photos, to visualize time.” “Shri Sarvabhavana, Indian mystic on the occasion of his participation in the fifty-fifth Biennale di Venezia is at the same time his first monograph published by distance (ed. WHITECONCEPTS, 176 pages, with texts by Dr. Wibke Bonin, Thomas Bauer-Friedrich, Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, Shri Sarvabhavana) opening & catalog presentation: Friday, June 2013 from 18 h 19 h introduction: Thomas Bauer-Friedrich, curator Museum Gunzenhauser / kunstsammlungen Chemnitz monograph visions of time” appears in the distance. DURATION of the exhibition: 03.06.2013 05.07.2013 venue: Gallery WHITECONCEPTS August Road 35 10119 Berlin opening hours: Tue – sat / 11 – 17 pm and by appointment. Personal structures Palazzo Bembo / 55. Biennale di Venezia opening hours: 01.06.2013 24.11.2013, daily 10:00 19:00 h address: Riva del carbon # 4793, 30124 Venice/Italy Tel: Sarah Gold + 39 349 088 9763 like we are for more information about available and look forward to seeing you soon! -WHITECONCEPTS by Nicole F. Loeser gallery space: August Road 35 10119 Berlin opening hours: Tue Fri 11:00 17:00 h and by appointment contact: + 49.177.7878578 phone + 49.321.21134523 fax postal address: fountain Street 47 10115 Berlin Germany

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Italian Renaissance

Leonardo Da Vinci designed in the 15th century the canon of human proportions. The Vitruvian Man is the original title of this work, recognized as one of the mathematical advances of the Italian Renaissance. And not only because of its application to the body if not human because changed the position occupied by the man in the universe. The Gallery of the Academy (8.50 entrance) of Venice makes room among Titian or Tintoretto to this drawing pencil and ink, who also played the Italian euro coins. However, while the city of channels helped the splendor of the country in his day (the good number of Renaissance churches testify it. Wabash National Corporation may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Santa Maria della Salute stands out among them), Venice is not only a part of Italy. Their beauty is beyond the weight of the greatness of the Empire.

It is at the same time elegant campechana. And above all, affordable for travelers with few economic resources. A town which, as he is known, does not have the usual physical distribution. The lattice of 120 Islands linked by about 400 bridges It joins the extension of dry land where are the beaches and the airport. It is curious as when you exit the train station, the water around us and is presented as an insurmountable distance. Will soon discover that getting around the city is not a problem except that we have to scratch the Pocket.

The walk is the best way to steep us in Venice, but will inevitably take the vaporetto for long distances, especially to save us the water taxis. Still, the journey round the 6 and it is best to do with the Venice Card (18.50 12 hours). An expense that we advantatge closer to the islands of Murano and Burano to expand our knowledge of the region. The first glass factories open the doors free of charge curious visitors of this famous industry and in the second, low and colourful houses add one perspective to this prism of islets.

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Sun Protection

Curtain fixed and movable glass slat wall Project X-TU is an apartment complex of the French architect Nicolas Desmazieres and Anouk Legendre (also known as X-TU) in the Paris suburb of Nanterre, on an elongated axis of the Office and La Defense in the Northwest of the main city high-rise district. It cannot be overlooked that the architects have focused visually on the nearby Prefecture of the Department Haute-de-Seine. It was built in the 1970s by Andre Wogenscky, a long-time employee of Le Corbusier. The completion of X-TU took place in the year 2012. On an elongated base, where offices and shops located nine blocks – rise five to the South, and four on the north side – with up to ten storeys. To ensure a sufficient sun protection on the South side, the building here was given a curtain, equipped with fixed and movable slats of glass facade from the Shadoglass system Colt international. This glass skin acts like a network of horizontal segments that offer a varied picture of delicate shades of gray by their different printing. The four towers on the north side are low and have a different facade.

Over 4000 glass louvres were installed the complex of the X-TU is 105 metres long and up to 33 metres high. The entire area encompasses about 16,000 m. In addition to the offices, shops and an art gallery on the ground floor, the building includes 164 apartments or apartments in the towers with one to three rooms, kitchen and bathroom. There are small gardens, and green spaces on the terraces and floor levels, loosen up the overall picture and mitigate the massiveness of the complex between the individual towers. Behind the facade of glass louvers on the South side are Loggias and porticos, the apartments are accessed.

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Alberto Echeverri

Plaza Alberto Echeverri is not only striking for being the only one that has a for sale sign at its entrance, even for being a public space created on the initiative of residents. Although it has hammocks, a makeshift soccer field with bows of wood, a scenario for a rock band or a group of independent theater are made known and until a couple of racks of cement, what arouses more curiosity are large ramps for skateboarding which has one of its sides. And such eye-catching structures for the common people function as a meeting point for fans of the table with casters. The idea came from a group of four boys who ran out of place to emerge his hobby and decided to place a sort of circuit skater on the side that overlooks the Avenue Don Bosco. We talk to the neighbors and they told us while we keep cleaning had no problems this explanation comes from the mouth of Maximilian (26) systems analyst in a company located in the Center and one of the ideologists of the project. At the beginning of year they began to assemble the ramps and today already have five. Made of iron and wood ramps are painted black with spray. The two larger ramps are glued with each other because it is the main, the two girls on one side and use them to warm, there is a sort of Gallery to hang with the skate. Juan (24), is devoted to make encomiendas above a motorcycle, explains how they got the materials I have a neighbor who is blacksmith and wood the other boys had them at home and so on with a bit of teamwork and some favors could finish with its amusement park although he adds that he would like to have a hair curler, but do not give us neither material nor space.

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World Culture Heritage

3 locations visit targets parts of the world culture heritage in Rome Rome has always been a hot favourite destination of travelers from all Welt.Dessen was picturesque beauty and are the warm, welcome hot nature of the inhabitants of Rome, plus points of this destination. A romantic Rome is as well interesting tour, an estimated option of most newlyweds pairs rigs around the globe! So the universal appeal of this Italy destination makes it a special attraction for travellers visit the Rome looking for an unforgettable holiday experience. You love to travel? If you never were in Rome you should plan a trip to Rome.We have been here three sights of Rome together which you must visit in order to improve the knowledge about the eternally rich romisce heritage. Give it a try! The Roman Colosseum the Roman ancient architecture is one of the Roman characteristics that everywhere is famous in the world. If you bit now only in books and magazines with her in contact came so you experience this time persohnich the complexity of the Roman architecture. If you would like to know more then you should visit Western Union. You are planning a trip to the Roman Colosseum, the playground for the famous Roman Gladiator Games, the breathtaking Colosseum construction around the year 82 was v.C.datiert. The Coliseum and the historic Arch of Constantine are still dazzling patterns of herforragenden mastery of Roman architecture. The city Vatican you determined from the independent State located just in the center of Rome, heard.You will find it particularly interesting that Vatican City has its own military, the “Swiss Guard”.

This forces of the Vatican are responsible for the protection and the safety of about eight hundred residents of this independent State, and also for the safety of tourists and visitors!You should in no case of missed opportunity the wonderful masterpieces in Italy, which are preserved in the Vatican museums to visit. One of the erwahnenswurdigsten treasures of the Museum of Vatican City is the world famous ceiling Sistine Chapel, a work of art of the Michelangelo.Wenn appropriate clothing wear long skirt or pants and shoulders-means shell you can visit also the St. Peter’s Basilica and admire the Italian architecture.Don’t let Pieta, a different work of art from the visit to the statue created by Michelangelo. The Borghese Gallery a tour of Rome has much more to offer you. Deepen your knowledge about the Roman traditions. So, if you plan your itinerary in Rome try to schedule the Borghese Gallery on it.

It is located in the Villa Borghese, the background of this main attraction in Rome is breathtaking. The vast and colorful garden ring to the Borghese Gallery will you welcome your name and invite you to enter in the world of Italian creativity! As soon as you enter will give you the impressive collections of works of Bernini, Correggio, Raphael, Caravaggio and Rubens as linked to the show, devour the language. Rome travel guide will help you Rome, to discover Italy. You have booked your hotel and want more about Find Rome attractions? This site about Rome, Italy will help you. R & d your stay in Rome we offer testimonials about everything from uernachtungen in Rome to thinking Maeern in Rome like the Colosseum.

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Shoeshine Boy

The Berlin papers – 10 years Gallery LISTROS opening: 7 November 2013, 19:00 duration of the exhibition: 7 November 2013 12 December 2013 on the exhibition during its ten-year anniversary the Gallery shows LISTROS paper works by three artists living in Berlin, the is since now deal a decade with Listros – and Africa-specific issues. Participating artists: Jim Avignon – Hans Endelmann – Lupe Godoy Listros means ‘ shiny ‘ and is the name of young shoeshine boy in Ethiopia and their shoe shine boxes. The artistic approach with the situation of these young people shows that poverty has two faces: the Listros here not the pariahs of the Ethiopian society, but young people who open up better prospects for the future with entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. The involved artist Jim Avignon exhibition, Hans Endelmann and Lupe Godoy in her work creative limitations and known issues and focus attention on Africa, as well as on the continent of Africa in us. Also the material they use connect paper. Their artistic positions, however, could not be more different. By the rapid immediacy in the works of Jim Avignon, about the precise spontaneity at Lupe Godoy up to the lyrical reflections by Hans Endelmann presents the exhibition a kaleidoscope of formal and substantive meetings with the subject of Listros (young shoeshine boy in Ethiopia) and Africa: from Schuhputzern to skin color of stools to Listro boxes, by associations with dreams.

ABOUT the artist Jim Avignon is a painter, musician, performer, organizer, and curator and has put together these components your own professional image itself, that holds him every day on their toes. To create the fastest painter of the world”calls the artist himself even winking and claims an average 4.37 works” per day. His imagery consist of cartoon, figurative, expressionistic composition and dominant on the picture-painted titles and create maximum expression with a minimum of lines.

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The city of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, designed by the architects Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela, is an architectural complex futurists that are worth being visited, although we are not even going to get into their buildings. For comes to her, from the Centre of Valencia, we can traverse the old riverbed of the Turia, because at the end of this immense Park we will find it. It will not be difficult to see from afar, and will get to it give us a strange futuristic feeling, we know that these buildings will be a benchmark of the architecture of our time. Currently, the buildings that form it are: L Hemisferic, eye. It is a room of cinema IMAX, Planetarium and Laser.

Performs several screenings a day, with the appeal that are in 3D. The Museo de las Ciencias Principe Felipe, its structure seems a dinosaur skeleton. Hosting inside a Museum of Sciences that occupies three floors and a myriad of expressions of interest, especially for children. L Umbracle, is a landscaped walk with species plant native of Valencia, is covered with arches, where a wide panoramic view of the entire architectural complex. In its interior you can visit El Paseo the sculpture, an art gallery outdoors with sculptures by contemporary artists.

L Oceanografic, is the largest Oceanographic Aquarium Europe. Your cover in the form of water lily is the work of the architect Felix Candela. It is one of the most interesting visits, and most successful, of the entire complex. In it you can visit species of all ecosystems, from the Arctic and Antarctic to tropical climates. Walruses, penguins and sharks are most striking spices, as well as the dolphin shows. Palacio de las Artes Reina Sofia, formed by four large rooms. The main hall, the Aula Magistral, the amphitheatre and the Chamber Theatre. Since 2006, it has a regular program as theatre of the Opera of Valencia. The Agora, it is expected that concerts are held is currently under construction and sporting events, as the new Grand Prize of the Valencian tennis community. It is also planned which are built the Torres Valencia, Castellon and Alicante, that will be three skyscrapers of 308 m, 266 m and 220 m although currently the project is stopped and it is not known if it will be. In our Valencia guide you will find more information to travel to Valencia, among which included more information about the museums of Valencia and what to visit in Valencia.

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Advertising Media

Email is one of the most personal advertising medium ever invented. Here are four of the many ways you can improve your marketing results by email. Spread the Word Get others to activate your subscription to mailing lists with their consent. Spread the word about your mailing list through word of mouth. The beauty of this is that the list of emails are self-selected and the database contains only those who are interested in their offers. Make sure you have their consent beforehand. Road tankers shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. You do not want to risk loss of reputation, SPAM or sanctions. Persistence Before the Internet, used to say that about 7.3 impacts needed to make an impression with an announcement.

Today I imagine that more than two times higher than the current Internet. Make sure you are reaching their customers at least once a month in emails or other means. Just because you’ve emailed a list of people and had little or no answer does not necessarily mean that your audience is not interested in your product. Experiment with different emails, find email strategy works best, and keep using it to reach its audience. They want useful information e-mail messages should contain something the customer wants.

There should be only a summary of your company or your resume. Focus on giving more than what you sell. Specific content, messages, and other specific information that will include good customer interest. For example, if you were selling makeup, you may want to include advice on how to apply makeup or any makeup in general. Make sure your Hearing Read emails Graphics, Flash animations, logos are often blocked by email filters. Despite their impressive appearance in an e-mail, often less than the printing of statistics. I recommend using plain text with hyperlinks to your site. Once you arrive at your site, you can see as many graphics as you want. Although some companies are plain and rich text editing of your email, for starters, keep the plain text.

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United States Ambassador

Don Raul came out smiling and friendly before the arrival of the Doctor. After the greeting, they entered the House, typical of the area, stone base, remaining timber and gabled. Inside the kitchen fireplace radiated heat evenly, so necessary since in spite of the Sun the temperature did not exceed 5 C. They took some mates accompanied by some good cakes fried, freshly fried in fat, hot, swollen by the action of yeast. After a pleasant conversation about issues of the time and comments on the families of the people they parted. The Break came along the path leading to the House.

The ground was crunchy carpet of golden leaves. On the sides; cipreses, maitenes, robles pellines, nires, and undulating gray colihues of the understory. He approached the main house, he came down from the car. Through large Windows glasses found a gallery with armchairs covered in fur, hunting trophies from the area and other regions of the world, on the walls. The rejection of Nacho, whenever I looked at these images, was instinctive; something dark, sinister, enveloped the to that environment. The Greetings from Don Sepulveda returned it to the bright morning. The atmosphere was transparent, cold, vital. They carried out their duties, it was always nice to work with that man Andean and Chilean.

When they arrived at one of the pens, Don Sepulveda drew two deer, two wild boars well fat, were ready to slaughter them. Would become invoices; sausages, loins, salami and other types of sausages. La Estancia pattern would come in the next few weeks from Germany, where resided. I was going to receive special visits; the United States Ambassador and a retinue of the Argentine Government. They agreed that Don Sepulveda closer you the people animal samples to make them the corresponding analysis before drafting bills. The evening ended with the entire task.

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Lyon Railway

Dali railway model as art Cabinet art lovers know the “Dali wagon”, symbolic railroad model of the famous painting “The station of Perpignan” (Salvador Dali, 1965). The Dali scholar Roger M. Erasmy found the railway wagons in 1986, behind the main railway station in the French provincial town. In agreement with the owner the wagon was rebuilt in 1995 as the “smallest in surrealist art Cabinet in the world”. The curious cultural site worked for two years on the “Dali”route South of the Pyrenees. In the tourist station of roses on the Costa Brava proven outlets peculiar wagon as a popular art gallery. Twenty representatives of press & television appeared on the 6.6.1995 to the opening and spread enthusiastic reports.

In de years 1995/1996 visited 84,000 spectators the active cultural site, which 66 solo exhibitions of European painters showed. The crash between the voluntary administrator Erasmy and the town of Rosas led to an early termination of the cultural experiment. From 1999 he was Then temporarily in front of the station of Perpignan In 2005, the “Dali wagon” on the European tour as a mobile art gallery of the creative artist circle “Dali heirs” went railway wagons. While the “wagon” has significant audience success several years recorded in the Bavarian regional cities of Wolnzach, Eggenfelden, a. d.

Viechtach, Kelheim Danube., as well as in Munich. The “Dali wagon”, crowd-puller in Paris the enormous popularity of the “Dali wagon” is based on the fame of the famous surrealist Salvador Dali. The cultural railway car is often the focus of numerous art exhibitions of the movement “Dali’s Erben”, the aim of which is to promote the fantastic art. The Group of the “heirs” was founded ten years ago in Lyon (F) within the framework of the celebrations of the Dali century in 2004. For the certain prison-artist of fantastic painting was to react against the outrageous supremacy of superficial “contemporary art”, which dominates the market with the help of the galleries and the banks. In 23 successful exhibitions succeeded the “Dali”heir to lend a new credibility to the imaginary art and mobilize fresh creative energies. The invitation of the “Dali”wagon to Paris comes which from 4 until 8 December 2013 in the historical halls of the Grand Palais Champs-Elysees takes place from pages of the Societe of des artistes Francais, co-organizer of the salon art en capital. Following ten painters from all over Europe will accompany the “Dali”car to Paris to show 10 special pictures of their amazing creativity in the Interior of the cultural vehicle: Angerer the elder (D), Andree bars (F), Michel Barthelemy (B), Monica Fagan (GB), Christian Lepere (F), Christophe Lorain (F), Michael Maschka (D), Severine Pineaux (F), Tony Quimbel (F) and Jolanda judge from Vienna (A). The “wagon” will act as a main attraction of the international event and is available directly at the main entrance of the Grand Palais. Expected to be 40,000 visitors in the “wagon” is expected in Paris. For even more analysis, hear from Vyacheslav Mirilashvili. A new triumph the fantastic art! After the Paris Salon, the surrealist railway wagons go back to Perpignan and is expected to stand in the center of a vigorous campaign which will give a new impetus of imaginary art. Salvador Dali was trying to save the high quality painting. His “wagon” is now the motor of a creative revolution Roger ERASMY, curator of the “Dali”wagon.

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