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    Andre Wagner – Visions Of Time

    WHITECONCEPTS shows Andre Wagner is a romantic in a solo exhibition of Andre Wagner. “It does travel in areas that promise him the possibility of extreme authentic experiences he observed people in their rituals and reveals her inner light.” Dr. Wibke (b. 1980, lives and works in Berlin) has created a remarkable work by Bonin, culture journalist Andre Wagner in the last 10 years. The young photographer picks up real existing situations. His painterly poetic images are created through long-term exposure. Artistically he deals with the contradictions of human existence: the deep attachment to nature in contrast to the culture of industrial progress.

    This is evident in his early drawings of fire, he writes as a self-portrait in the nocturnal landscape, as well as in its landscape portraits that reflect the human and the nature as a manifestation. One of the outstanding images of the series Romance of element”is the recording of the dried-out for me River in New Zealand. The photographer has it filled the bed of the missing River with a spiral beam stretching miles and so figuratively replaces one element with another. It has cost him much effort and discipline, to dance the riverbed with the huge torch down to a fire performance for the land, the air, the room again and execute the missing water. It took nearly a full night, run the km for this recording, until the next morning dawned and the last drops of light oil was consumed.” Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, curator, Kaunas Photo Festival, an artist, and not just a photographer, can the ability have, to see objects behind the lens, to absorb the atmosphere and then to color them with the feelings expressed through them. Artistic photography is Andre Wagner’s medium and the beauty is his motive in time.

    When energy is dynamic and not static, their movement is incessantly. The movement of time is not only vertically, but goes in all directions and all Dimensions. His images are timeless and invade externally by the inertia of the silence, but create turbulent emotions inside. We can try with his photos, to visualize time.” “Shri Sarvabhavana, Indian mystic on the occasion of his participation in the fifty-fifth Biennale di Venezia is at the same time his first monograph published by distance (ed. WHITECONCEPTS, 176 pages, with texts by Dr. Wibke Bonin, Thomas Bauer-Friedrich, Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, Shri Sarvabhavana) opening & catalog presentation: Friday, June 2013 from 18 h 19 h introduction: Thomas Bauer-Friedrich, curator Museum Gunzenhauser / kunstsammlungen Chemnitz monograph visions of time” appears in the distance. DURATION of the exhibition: 03.06.2013 05.07.2013 venue: Gallery WHITECONCEPTS August Road 35 10119 Berlin opening hours: Tue – sat / 11 – 17 pm and by appointment. Personal structures Palazzo Bembo / 55. Biennale di Venezia opening hours: 01.06.2013 24.11.2013, daily 10:00 19:00 h address: Riva del carbon # 4793, 30124 Venice/Italy Tel: Sarah Gold + 39 349 088 9763 like we are for more information about available and look forward to seeing you soon! -WHITECONCEPTS by Nicole F. Loeser gallery space: August Road 35 10119 Berlin opening hours: Tue Fri 11:00 17:00 h and by appointment contact: + 49.177.7878578 phone + 49.321.21134523 fax postal address: fountain Street 47 10115 Berlin Germany

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    The city of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, designed by the architects Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela, is an architectural complex futurists that are worth being visited, although we are not even going to get into their buildings. For comes to her, from the Centre of Valencia, we can traverse the old riverbed of the Turia, because at the end of this immense Park we will find it. It will not be difficult to see from afar, and will get to it give us a strange futuristic feeling, we know that these buildings will be a benchmark of the architecture of our time. Currently, the buildings that form it are: L Hemisferic, eye. It is a room of cinema IMAX, Planetarium and Laser.

    Performs several screenings a day, with the appeal that are in 3D. The Museo de las Ciencias Principe Felipe, its structure seems a dinosaur skeleton. Hosting inside a Museum of Sciences that occupies three floors and a myriad of expressions of interest, especially for children. L Umbracle, is a landscaped walk with species plant native of Valencia, is covered with arches, where a wide panoramic view of the entire architectural complex. In its interior you can visit El Paseo the sculpture, an art gallery outdoors with sculptures by contemporary artists.

    L Oceanografic, is the largest Oceanographic Aquarium Europe. Your cover in the form of water lily is the work of the architect Felix Candela. It is one of the most interesting visits, and most successful, of the entire complex. In it you can visit species of all ecosystems, from the Arctic and Antarctic to tropical climates. Walruses, penguins and sharks are most striking spices, as well as the dolphin shows. Palacio de las Artes Reina Sofia, formed by four large rooms. The main hall, the Aula Magistral, the amphitheatre and the Chamber Theatre. Since 2006, it has a regular program as theatre of the Opera of Valencia. The Agora, it is expected that concerts are held is currently under construction and sporting events, as the new Grand Prize of the Valencian tennis community. It is also planned which are built the Torres Valencia, Castellon and Alicante, that will be three skyscrapers of 308 m, 266 m and 220 m although currently the project is stopped and it is not known if it will be. In our Valencia guide you will find more information to travel to Valencia, among which included more information about the museums of Valencia and what to visit in Valencia.

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    United States Ambassador

    Don Raul came out smiling and friendly before the arrival of the Doctor. After the greeting, they entered the House, typical of the area, stone base, remaining timber and gabled. Inside the kitchen fireplace radiated heat evenly, so necessary since in spite of the Sun the temperature did not exceed 5 C. They took some mates accompanied by some good cakes fried, freshly fried in fat, hot, swollen by the action of yeast. After a pleasant conversation about issues of the time and comments on the families of the people they parted. The Break came along the path leading to the House.

    The ground was crunchy carpet of golden leaves. On the sides; cipreses, maitenes, robles pellines, nires, and undulating gray colihues of the understory. He approached the main house, he came down from the car. Through large Windows glasses found a gallery with armchairs covered in fur, hunting trophies from the area and other regions of the world, on the walls. The rejection of Nacho, whenever I looked at these images, was instinctive; something dark, sinister, enveloped the to that environment. The Greetings from Don Sepulveda returned it to the bright morning. The atmosphere was transparent, cold, vital. They carried out their duties, it was always nice to work with that man Andean and Chilean.

    When they arrived at one of the pens, Don Sepulveda drew two deer, two wild boars well fat, were ready to slaughter them. Would become invoices; sausages, loins, salami and other types of sausages. La Estancia pattern would come in the next few weeks from Germany, where resided. I was going to receive special visits; the United States Ambassador and a retinue of the Argentine Government. They agreed that Don Sepulveda closer you the people animal samples to make them the corresponding analysis before drafting bills. The evening ended with the entire task.

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