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    Agree, even us adults it is difficult to comprehend such dimensions. Their children, I have shown large pumpkin and pea. "Imagine" – I say to them: "If our solar system to reduce so that the sun was the size of this pumpkin. Earth would then, together with all cities and countries, mountains, rivers and oceans would become the size of a pea that. Older child can tell you about the most mysterious form of stars – black holes, which differ huge density of its substance.

    The figures are so incomprehensible reason, even an adult, it is better to once again explain the examples and learn everything in comparison. I take an apple and carve out his cube with sides of 1 cm. I try to be more precise, using a ruler. Tell your child that this cube weighs about 1 gram. "And now – I say it – imagine that exactly the same size cube, we would cut off from the black hole. How much do you think he would weigh? Hint: a lot, have no idea how much.

    Can you with something to compare the weight? "- How to weight – he says. – No, worse. – What car? – No, even harder. – How to train? – No, the train and even the whole structure – a speck of dust compared with in such a small piece of the star. It is hard to imagine that 1 cubic centimeter of a black hole weighs 200 million tons! Child is, of course, nothing to say, so that we continue to compare with the familiar, even if only in pictures objects. Show him a picture of the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. It is desirable that in the photo next to a giant piece of ancient architecture were seen small "insects" – men and camels, cars – is "insects" average magnitude. Imagine how much can weigh a pyramid! (Note: The construction of the pyramid of Cheops has left 2.3 million stone blocks weighing an average 2.5 tons each. It is easy to calculate that the weight of a pyramid is equal to about 6 million tons!) compared with the cube of the stellar matter, such whopper by weight can be compared only with a feather, because it can outweigh only 35 of the pyramids! Then we take paper and pencil, draw a pyramid on a white sheet of 35 triangles. Agree that this scheme never dreamed of and most Mavrodi. Not surprisingly, after such stories and experiences a child can not only seriously interested in astronomy, but also passionately love this wonderful science. Just as we all love the fact that she was studying – the stars

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    Whatever it was, but pets still quite a very serious lesson. But this, of course, individually to see those positive aspects that arise in the case directly to people in his apartment or a mansion inhabited by any pets. Most likely has no special significance of the fact what type of animal it can be. Bring daily joy as cats and dogs in the same way with fish and birds. In necessarily follows that the definition of pleasure from their presence in his house will be available exclusively, in the case unless they create a valuable some attention.

    However the same is clearly not also want to highlight that for example say, caring for a dog or a fish, must be daily. In turn, the embodiment if the choice is focused on how to breed fish, it is important to note that they contain much more complicated than, for example, a dog. Absolutely not, in principle, despite the fact that a dog is much larger in size, compared with fish, in some ways easier to care for her. This is explained by the fact that her behavior really understand exactly what she wants to own. For example in the form, if something is not enough, she can file a vote or try to attract his master's in other ways.

    Of course, taking into account certain points you need highlight that the fish are deprived of the possibility of demand, that is, to draw some attention to his master. That's because something is and what should definitely pleased to fish in such a compelling kind of people, it is necessary explicitly for this put some effort and of course the effort. In reality, the care of fish is not just that day to give them food and periodically change the water in the aquarium. In fact, all much more complicated, since few choose a beautiful aquarium and of course, aquarium fish, and rely on the fact that now need to give them only food and completely enjoy their charming views. For each beginner in any case a huge challenge is competently organize your own aquarium, because that's too bad, but not everyone is able to buy a ready-made aquarium, organized by the masters pet store. As a variant of this firm is that it takes to pick up ground for the aquarium, algae, some additional details and all that considering, in principle, any aquarium fish will definitely be aquarium. Naturally, the mandatory need to consider and equip a special aquarium compressor, and, of course, reflect light. Whereas previously described the circumstances in which the actual Actually much more is worth noting that it takes a lot a lot of knowledge and effort in order to ensure good care of fishes. In turn, get such excellent skills, is always available hitting directly on the aquarium forum in Ukraine. Having mastered the full any sort of information might be basic literacy to issue an aquarium, and is guaranteed to provide proper care for them. Only then raze There will definitely be possible to calculate, in principle, that the fish will please its magnificent views and able to deliver fragments of style, elegance, in addition to any home, and naturally guaranteed provide excellent state of all tenants in a house or apartment.

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    Starting a Business

    Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds- never finished school. Simon Cowell, TV producer, judge of music, American Idol, The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent- never finished school. Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder billionaire- never finished college. Thomas Edison, inventor of the lightbulb, phonograph, and much more. These men, branded by their teachers as “silly”. Tom Anderson, co-founder and “friend” on MySpace. He never finished school. Walt Disney, founder of the Walt Disney Company. He got out of school at age 16. (Source: We live in the Information Age.

    All the information we need know about any topic under the sun is literally at our fingertips. What we found on the Internet, you can find in a book or working as an apprentice with a good mentor. Of course, to take advantage of this deluge of information, you need to know to study independently, a skill that is generally not encouraged in schools. I think the problem in making this decision is that we as human beings we have a stereotyped response. We would like to see a “yes” or “no” clear and definitive to avoid having to think more about the subject.

    In my opinion, there is no single universal answer for everyone. What may be beneficial for one person may be completely unnecessary and detrimental in the education of another. In the same way that we are all individuals with different talents and abilities, we should design an education “tailored” for each. If you possess an entrepreneurial spirit and is faced with a choice of studying at a university or no, I recommend you ask the following questions: What are my skills? And since you know what to do in your life? Which business idea can I begin? What is your learning style? Could you acquire these skills in a work, learning, online courses or looking for a suitable mentor?

    If you or your children have an entrepreneurial spirit, you’ll love our 10 facts about how having a business that a mother taught her son and The following which he became a millionaire at age 21! The available for free download in De Bettina Langerfeldt, whose passion is to teach people of all ages how to acquire a vision for your life, like setting goals and then pursue education specific so that they can achieve them.

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    Silva Conceptions

    As requisite basic for the agreement of other branches of the physics. As for example, the famous laws of Newton. Another reason took that me to work the subject was to the frequency with that the pupils use in its daily one, the concepts of force, movement and rest. Where most of the time the pupils use them of missed form, of the point of view of the scientific knowledge in vigor. Where this research left of an inquiry (disgnostic) concerning the alternative conceptions presented by the pupils of Average Ensino, in relation to the concept of force, movement and rest. Where these alternative conceptions are ideas that the pupils of have determined concepts as they were correct. 1,2 CONCEPTIONS ALTENATIVAS IN THE GENERALITY. Intuitivas calls of conceptual errors, ideas, spontaneous conceptions etc.

    possess a series of general characteristics, among which we detach. 1.So found in a great number of students, any level of escolaridade. they 2.Cobrem a vast gamma of contents and has ample executive. The characteristics mentioned above do not leave doubt of that it stops having an effective education, is not possible to ignore the conceptual luggage that the pupil brings when coming across with the formal education of Physics in the school. The research in the area also already showed that the alternative conceptions result very resistant to the change, persisting exactly after a long scientific instruction.

    Where the overcomings of such conceptions demand that the pupils if acquire knowledge of them and that the same ones are analyzed and argued in classroom; for this, the use of experience in laboratory can become, as much in qualitative level how much quantitative (Clement, 1982 apud Silva, 1995) 1.3.CONCEPOES ALTERNATIVE SPECIFIC ON SOME FOCUSED CONCEPTS OF the MECHANICS AS: 2.Forca- That she is proper of the human beings. That is, in terms physical the bodies have force. 3.Movimento- a body alone remains in movement will have a force acting on it.

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    National Association

    The capital hosted the presentation of the report on the organoleptic and sensory assessment of organic products carried out by environment Agrieco was responsible for organizing this seminar together with the Association Epea.Los organic products, and in particular tomato, they have passed the test once more, and on this occasion before the National Association of wine tasters. And it is that, through a study conducted during 2007 by the Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Medio Rural y Marino, to assess organoleptic and sensory characteristics of these foods, has been obtained great results that lead to those responsible for this sector continue betting to improve each day. In this sense, last Saturday presented the final report on activities and results of organoleptic and sensory evaluation of ecological products, where the President of Agrieco, Miguel Cazorla, was in charge of welcoming and who stated that in Almeria are taking big steps for that product ecological reaches all national and international consumers and for this we are trying to raise awareness, firstly, what is a food of these characteristics. In addition, Cazorla, topped his appearance adding that the aim of the Almeria province is to continue to improve in this aspect so that in the future he only speaks in ecological. Prior to the outstanding data for the study sample, the director general of ecological production of the Ministry of agriculture and fisheries of the Junta de Andalucia, Jose Roman, offered some samples on how is the sector at the moment, stating that “this step has been with three goals. The first of these is the structuring of the sector; Second, to generate and encourage the consumption of organic foods; and thirdly the need for conventional sector is sought. Samples chosen then the Andalusian director established that they had two aspects into consideration when starting the study, such as the situation in which These foods in Spain, and the order in the shopping basket are. .

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