Month: May 2018

    Value of Human Resources

    One of the most valuable resources available to the company is its human resources. Its human capital should not be neglected, one must be vigilant in providing all the tools, expertise to ensure productivity, results, in addition to wages, salaries, benefits that guarantee their quality of life. A human resource that must motivate, integrate it into cohesive work teams, provide the necessary attention to your requirements and collaboration that promotes efficient in performance. SMEs overlook much of this resource and its effects are negative achievements, productivity, hence the importance of identifying with the responsibility to be attentive to this duty that benefits the operation of any enterprise. Faced with this reality and importance has made the following question.

    QUESTION Analyze the current reality of the business sector with regard to human resource management, highlighting the main obstacles and proposing solutions to have a good planning of human resources to ensure productivity and achievements. ANSWER In many written comments, it was found that the Venezuelan management recognizes the importance of human resource management, however is aware that little is done towards them, especially with regard to training, development, salaries, benefits and above all encourage them to his initiative, creativity surfacing. There is no denying that any organization requires of human resources managers, technicians, administrative staff, workers and technical support necessary to achieve its objectives. Find competent staff is important for the success of the organization. Therefore in the process of organizing is crucial in achieving the appropriate human resources for each function, activity and position.

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