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    Dependency Drug

    In advanced states of addiction, nothing is as important as the addiction in itself. – THE DEPENDENCY: The dependency is physical and psychic the necessity that the patient experiments to be able to develop his daily life. The dependency, like uncontrollable process, begins with the use, soon it falls in the abuse and thus it is arrived at the drug addiction. Dependency is state psychic and sometimes physical caused by reciprocal action between organism alive and drug, that is characterized by changes in the behavior and other reactions that always an irrepressible impulse to take the drug in continued or periodic form, in order to undergo its psychic effects and sometimes to avoid the malaise produced by the deprivation. The psychic dependency is defined as a situation in which there is a satisfaction feeling and a psychic impulse that the administration regular and continued of the drug requires to produce to please or to avoid malaise. The physical dependency is defined as a state of adaptation that is pronounced by the appearance of intense physical upheavals when the administration of the drug or Compulsion interrupts themselves to consume in question drug periodically, to undergo positive an affective state (to please, well-being, euphoria, sociability, etc ) or to get rid of a negative affective state (boredom, timidity, stress, etc.).

    The psychological dependency is the really difficult thing to surpass in the process of becoming unaccustomed of an addiction. The drug has been gotten up to the metabolism of the subject. The organism has become accustomed itself the constant presence of the substance, in such a way that it needs to maintain a certain level in blood to work with normality. When this level descends below certain threshold appears the Syndrome of Abstinence characteristic of each type of drug. In those cases in which the substitution of the consumption of the habitual drug takes place on the other that produces similar neurophysiological effects settles down the term crossed dependency. .

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    Fetal Complications

    The studies realised at world-wide level until now, they have concluded that these levels diminish the risks of fetal complications like the macrosoma and respiratory difficulty and will as much mejorn the fetal prognosis as maternal as far as their chronic complications. . The angular stone of the treatment, it is the Plan of Feeding, which must be calculated of such form, that it allows that it drinks acquires a weight and suitable development, without causing uncontrol in the glucose levels in the mother, This is obtained by means of an feeding: adapted, balanced, sufficient, balanced and innocuous (basic laws of the feeding). When the feeding plan is not sufficient to logar the goals of the suitable control of the glucaemia, or when severe uncontrol of the same exists (greater glucaemia of 140 mgs) the medical treatment is with insulin Exist many schemes, types and ways to apply insulin, the ideal scheme must take into account: the weight and stature of the individual (Index of corporal mass), degree of metabolic uncontrol, is present at of hypoglucaemias, schedules of feeding, attachment to the diet. Personal activities, routines of exercise etc. In our hospital we have the conduct to administer to Intermediate insulin NPH or + fast insulin (or lispro) 2 or times to the day (before having breakfast and having dinner), with first we managed to maintain more or less stable insulin levels throughout the day, and with the second type of inulin we avoided the posprandiales glucose tips, that as well it is known, are the people in charge of the macrosoma in the baby. For being a pregnancy of high risk, the resolution of the pregnancy is realised of programmed way enters week 38 39, previous valuation of the fetal pulmonary state by means of the extraction of lquido amniotic of the mother (Amniocentesis). .

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    The Codes

    Using generic and homogeneizantes categories, as people and nation, the populist governing proclaimed the harmony between the classrooms and the social peace as necessary conditions to well-being social generality. (Adapted of: RODRIGUES, Marly. The decade of 50.) The Codes of 1965 and 1975, had occurred in full period of the Military dictatorship, and of 1986, in the period of reopening politics, if to compare the moments and the historical reality, of each code with the reality current politics, can denote that, the social scene and current politician, present innumerable inaqualities, and a State devastated for the corrupao politics, that has become the honest democracy, almost an utopia. The ethics in a so unjust and exculpatory society practically if have become inexistent, the brsileira society meet in a collapse between the ethics, the moral and the too much values, that would have to become gifts. In our life in society it has many yearnings, to be faced of front. However, what we see in the reality is something very different, the majority them politicians, use the power that is conferred to it, in proper benefit and opposite to defend the right of the population, finish defending its proper interests, as he evidences one of charges, the politician tries to any cost, to cut the ribbon, with exclusive intention only of if passing as the well-administrator, bonzinho, being nor there for the population chose that it, is not as if the voter alone was remembered in the hour of the vote. Our society compels in them to coexist daily, with the individualities politics, the parlamentarista egocentrismo, beyond an invisible representation, transforms our society into a contradictory and exculpatory sphere, therefore that the notion of collective in our country, almost that in its totality it is inexistent. Another question to be displayed, is the fact of that in its great totality, the laws come ready, the routes of the economy is taken inside by the cabinets and in the presented ones as solution, almost nothing is argued public, is important in giving account to them of that the change possibilities are bigger when the society if organizes and participates actively of the politics, is of the indifference of the individuals, that is born the authoritarian politics, corruption and plus an enormous hunger of problems and forms of disobedience. .

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    Bureau Translation

    Then everything is simple. Those who are better cope with the task is declared the winner of the tender. At least, it should be ideally. In fact, one can not in any way to forget about the "kickbacks" that is, bribes, a person who makes a final decision on the winner (except when the person and the owner of the company-customer – the same people). No, I do not think we are not calling to combat bribery in particular, and the harsh laws of capitalism in general.

    This useless. Just "thanks" to such a scheme, the end customer can receive low-quality product, but such situations are relevant to spoil the whole industry. Poor execution of a large project one large office reserves unpleasant taste in at least this customer to all translation companies. What should be afraid of the bidders? The next moment is, rather, to the category of scams. Often one of the requirements for participants Tender is the provision of qualifications of interpreters, who are planning to bring to fulfillment of all the workload. This seemingly harmless fad is fraught with grave danger. This is roughly the same as that required coordinates vendors from all companies that provided estimates of the proposal to equip the building ventilation system. Very likely the following outcomes: office, arranged the tender, collects information about the best interpreters What, in fact, part office and limited.

    Having a name (indicated in diplomas), the contact details of people in our time – the case of five minutes. That there are such despicable people These leading interpreters – in fact, commercial mystery, to reveal that it is not necessary. Indeed, in the end, there is no guarantee that the translation will do exactly those performers whose diplomas were given, and any potential customer should understand that. Taking responsibility for the translation, the Bureau agrees to perform quality and timely work, but the right to choose an interpreter with the reserves. And the last nuance to keep in mind, even winning Tender and signing the contract. Initiate the competitive selection, review the results and then "lead" to work with the winning translation agency, usually by different people. And it often brings a lot of headaches. Paradoxically, he translation style, thanks to which won the tender, then can be perceived with hostility. In general, many people, so many opinions. We summarize. For all its faults, the tender – the only way get the best quality at the best price.

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    EMEA Printing

    Carlin sales direct, S.A., the leading chain in the field of stationery in Spain, has been the company chosen by Hewlett – Packard (HP) to introduce a new concept of reprography and digital printing business international. The Alliance leverages the existing synergies between the company’s stationery and activity of HP. This agreement was presented at the XV Edition of Expofranquicia. Carlin stand in the living room was shared with HP, so they could show entrepreneurs the advantages of this new system. The new system, called HP Print Station, part of the vision 2.0 that has HP’s printing as something relevant and inspiring, as content moves from the desktop to the web, says Paolo Dal Santo, Director of the HP Print Station program in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). We decided on Carlin because he is a reference in the world of the franchise and the consumable.

    HP Print Station is a service of printing for businesses and Carlin offers the largest capillarity of Spain to reach them selling consumable. Usually, the person who needs stationery products also needed printing products. The union is ideal in this regard. Thus refers Joan Morales, head of Marketing of HP image and printing, the agreement with the chain of stationery which leads the sector in our country and in neighboring Portugal, and has almost 500 establishments throughout your network. Pioneer, is a project since the agreement with Carlin only includes Spain and Portugal and it’s the first implantation in Continental Europe adds Morales. The HP collaboration and economic developments have led Carlin to slightly modify its current business model to increase the market niche which are directed and achieve, so that the final customer will find everything you need in one place, with the quality and guarantee that bring both brands. Carlin sold from now their business models hiperpapeleria and ofimarket – with the addition of the HP project.

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