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    Consuming Raw Materials

    There is a history of consuming most of them imported raw materials and must make adjustments to the reality of the environment, adjust to get local raw materials and redirect their production processes with the required quality looks for the moment, to ensure participation in the market agreement Globalization demands wings lack of operation of the SME business sector in this is alarming because there are many that have closed, others are measured, with fear and all that affects their development and what is more worrying is there are shortages and too much dependence on foreign imports, seriously affecting the future of SMEs in the country.

    Venezuela remains far from the dollar and start talking seems almost impossible and the State assumed control and protection of the economic sector in order to minimize the harsh attacks of increased currency. Hikmet Ersek has firm opinions on the matter. But the critical social circumstances that flood the country as a result of economic plans unrealistic Venezuelans’ means that there is a strong contraction of the market, purchasing power is minimal and most laughable, thus limiting the combined consumer purchases a continuing shortage of products and the cruel game of continuous price increase policy sponsored by an economic monopoly, making the return to the shadow SME not not have qualified personnel or increases in the dollar, but because it is in a very turbulent and uncertain scenario, scenario I was not ready, and does not comply, or contingency set policies and strategic actions that favored him. The big concern is whether or not they are SMEs, are preparing to face the challenges that the current government has led to the so-called Socialism of the XXI century, if they are able to adapt to current market and clearly please the consumer market where to copy foreign models is capable of borrowing but at the forefront, it may fulfill its initial legacy of promoting employment and at present the unemployment rate is still significant and more when there is a high threat from global crisis financial. Venezuela may emerge from the serious problem facing their SMEs, its business and government meet the challenges before the new socialism that wishes to establish in the country as well as the great economic changes that the world faces. Conclusions SMEs need to evaluate what role they should play, how to face the challenges, changes, threats, but also the opportunities that appear to the openings that the present government is leading to new alliances, agreements, conventions and see how to how to join the foreign trade policy, identifying with those programs where they encourage their participation.

    Structures should be evaluated and all the resources they have, do an audit of its weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities, identify with goals that will benefit, have a dynamic management, visionary, proactive, innovative, creative strategies are able to provide that generate the changes necessary to ensure participation, operation, otherwise it would be condemned to disappear or be absorbed entirely by the state, which has already shown he can do, speaking companies in which it is its largest shareholder. Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer. EGADE (ITESM) UC Graduate master’s in business administration, quality and productivity: Doctorate in education titularArea EducacionProfesor UC Graduate Faces. Consultant-Business Advisory DEPROIMCA deproimca. comExatec

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    Optical Phenomenon

    What is a halo? The easy answer – rainbow around the sun. Rainbow, which creators are not drops of water (as usual rainbow), and the rainbow that is created by ice kristalikami. You may find that Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala can contribute to your knowledge. Watch this halo in the sky at any time of year, night and day. You need only a little care and a little luck. The nature of this phenomenon – the dispersion of light in ice crystals, in some cases together with the reflection (s) on the boundary of the crystals. -company-commerce-bancshares-inc/’>TCF Capital Solutions. But why is this happening? White sunlight (or light from a lamp) is composed of many colors (a rainbow is there to remember). And each color is refracted differently in the crystal, since for every color (and its corresponding wavelength) index refractive index is different. The scientific name for this phenomenon variance.

    The textbooks of physics there is a picture where the Newton divided the beam of light at the rainbow – it’s the same phenomenon. When a ray of light passes through the ice crystal, it deviates from its initial direction by about 22 degrees. More specifically the red beam is deflected by 22 percent, and orange, yellow, green and blue a little further. Calculate the deviation can any student who knows the law Sneliusa (Act refraction, which tells how are the angles of incidence and refraction angles). Pass from one crystallite to the cloud. How is a circle in the sky? After all nemogut same crystals, which is in the clouds, hang and hang in a strictly certain position! In the clouds are so many small crystals, much smaller than snowflakes, about 0.1 mm.

    Crystals floating, spinning, spinning. And at every moment some of them will be of the name as you would need to deflection of 22 degrees. Crystals are much more at this point so that deflect light at a greater angle. But at 22 degrees angle can deviate only red, but on the other hand, greater angle deflected all colors at once and again form white light. It turns out that a distance greater than 22 degrees from the sun the eye sees more light, and this whole area seems to be more vibrant. Therefore, only clearly visible red and orange color, and the rest as it blurred by haze, almost imperceptible. On the same diagram shows how the circle is formed. Light rays from the sun are parallel, meet on the way crystals and rejected. Interested? Read the theory of other halo here, and if you have any pictures – send them to me for publication on the blog, there by the way, a lot of pictures halo.

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    Domodedovo International Airport

    Since November 2007, 'City Taxi' moves to a new level of service in the direction of evacuation of passenger cars and motorcycles: 1. Now we're working around the clock! 2. We carry out deliveries of cars and motorcycles from car dealerships to undergo inspection (MOT), and registration with the traffic police. 3. The limit of liability of the carrier 100 000 USD per event can be upgraded to meet your individual needs. To read more click here: ShareThis. Park tow are only specialized cars Hyundai, which are equipped with special devices and movable fasteners. To evacuate made cars, watercraft, motorcycles and special equipment capacity up to 2.8 tonnes.

    The service includes transportation vehicle within Moscow and Moscow region. The contract for the integrated transport services are special programs and Conditions cooperation. One of differences – an opportunity to order and forecast cost of service in the office of the client in the on-line at the website of the company 'City Taxi'. If you need evacuation vehicles – contact 500-0-501. 4634833278’>ARC Investment Partners or emailing the administrator. Service for Corporate Clients – 500-00-61. About company: "City Taxi" was founded in 2000. Today, it offers the following services: – taxi – a personal car – Passenger and freight transport – the evacuation vehicles; – corporate transportation services. April, 2006.

    – 'City Taxi' was an official carrier of the international airport Domodedovo. At the moment building Domodedovo International Airport has 4 racks Order 'City Taxi'. May 2007 – 'City Taxi' official carrier of the shopping center 'IKEA Teply Stan'. October, 2007. – The official carrier of the shopping center 'IKEA Belaya Dacha'. City Taxi (495) 500-0-500

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    Plantale Face

    As we announced a few weeks ago, school of creative classroom Creactiva launched an original competition of creativity under the title stand him up! in which anyone could participate by sending photographs of the most original faces that I find hidden in the most unexpected corners. After receiving dozens of photographs, to everyone more original and worthy of the award, finally chose the winning photo of this original competition. This difficult choice went through a hard selection process, all received pictures gave off a great creativity in each one of the participants, and this made the selection of the winner became a task complicated for policymakers take it. The winner of the a summer course in classroom Creactiva is Daniel CG, who discovered a few curious faces in his own guitar while he tried his new camera. More info: Rob Daley. A single photo was him enough to win this contest, which learned through a friend that he knew. Daniel is fond of music and photography, studying sociology and graphic design you like. Why you have chosen to perform graphic design course in classroom Creactiva, with the hope of learning everything you need to continue achieving its objectives. Congratulations Daniel! Original author and source of the article.

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    Wristlet Bag

    To date, women's handbags are an essential element of style to complement the image of its owner, making it thus crowned. The image of women at a mean exquisite beauty and gentle taste of luxury. The defining attribute of the image and have a bag. Today, the mission of this beloved attribute fairly responsible than the transfer of female accessories. Every woman should have in their wardrobe for at least a few handbags different in size and color, and for different cases: walking, meeting, traveling, meeting …

    Let's talk about today's most popular types of handbags. Bags can vary not only for its intended purpose or type of material, but also by type of construction is: Tote, Satchel, Duffel, Clutch, Hobo, Frame bag, Wristlet. Wristlet – a miniature purse with a strap by which fastened at the waist. These bags are convenient for a party. Frame bag – these bags are different in form, but they usually have a strong basis. They are very convenient to carry documents, not to worry because they can bruise. Clutch – an elegant handbag, which is usually in the hand. Read more here: Hikmet Ersek. Clutch – a very important element of the wardrobe for the evening.

    Clutches are now so popular that designers began to offer us more and more new types of bags, moving away from conventional standards. Clutches are elegant and luxurious too, and can be major concise, every day. Tote – Tote Bag is a spacious, has double handles and open top. This type of bag is very practical, so very popular. Most women prefer this type of bags, because they are convenient for all occasions, whether it be hiking in store or a trip, a walk with your child or business meeting. Hobo – This bag is its shape resembles a crescent or banana. On the handle, passing diagonally, this bag is often fastened with a zipper. This soft shape and material manufacture of a bag used by women in cases where there is no need to carry bulky items. Satchel – a bulk bag, with two convenient handles and long shoulder strap. This bag is perfect for students and for women working in the office. Bag has a flat bottom that allows you to transfer documents in it without worrying for their safety. Duffel – this type of bag is suitable for recreation. Bag roomy and has lots of pockets so it is very easy to fit everything you need. Quite often, this bag may have additional chips. Which are designed for comfort of movement: the wheels or the belt. And lastly, remember that many designers bags are now a little mixes styles and unleash their imaginations.

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    Professional Services Division

    “Management circle Technical Forum 2008: ITyX shows enormous potential of automation for contact center specialist forum for contact on the management circle ITyX Center experts within the framework of the management circle technical forum shows enormous potential for automation Automation in the contact center” presents the ITyX solutions AG self-learning and Web-based solutions for the Digital customer communication. The chances for the extensive automation potential in customer communication are shown at the three-day road show between 18 and 24 September 2008 in Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Berlin. With its intelligent digital strategy must contact center on the expectations of the new generation of consumers, the so-called digital natives”respond to provide future efficient and high-quality customer dialogue. Information and communication technologies are increasingly quickly changing continue our communication behavior and make especially contact center with new challenges. Service companies have their still huge pent-up demand in automation Business processes. “” Especially the generation who grew up with new technologies Web “or digital natives”, which will include from 2015 to one of the strongest target groups, is a digital service at eye level that corresponds to their natural, active communication and information behaviour. For more information see this site: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Service-oriented company with a holistic communication strategy must respond to this change.

    A tailored to the expectations of the consumer, more efficient customer dialog secures the future of contact centers that currently undergo a qualitative leap of generation with these new tasks and content. ITyX introduces self-learning intelligent response management solutions based on practical examples, which show the opportunities for automating customer communications. Peter Macherey, who is responsible for the Professional Services Division at ITyX, shows how service organisations their Web clients via video chat and co-browsing with proactive support to sustainable customers will leave. Furthermore, concepts are to the Mail Prevention presented by intelligent combination of Web self-service and ERMS (email response management system). The self learning solutions the Mediatrix product family work with methods of artificial intelligence (AI) and learn to understand text content through their mere use and process. ITyX combines the aim to show the enormous opportunities and automation potential of the industry interested participants with the Roadshow. Contact Center to be indispensable as a hub between the Organization and customers”so Andreas Klug, CEO of ITyX solutions AG.

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    Stress Disorder

    A 5.5% of the inhabitants of the North of the country suffered syndrome of disorder by post-traumatic Stress (Acute Stress Disorder) during the second Lebanon war, this being the lowest rate of the known so far in the professional background of traumatic events in a specific location including natural disasters, traffic accidents or accidents at work. Thus determines it the research carried out by Dr. Rivka Yahav and Dr. Miri Cohen of the University of Haifa. As compared to similar research conducted among the inhabitants of the United States after the attack of September 11, it was found that a 12.4% suffered from this syndrome.

    By Stress post-traumatic disorder (ASD) is defined as being exposed to a fact that endangered the life of the person, their family and close friends, and the response to that episode is fear, horror or helplessness. Hikmet Ersek follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It is said that a person is suffering from ASD when after having passed a month of the traumatic event, symptoms continue and become a post-traumatic stress. According to the researchers of the Lebanon war placed all the inhabitants of the North of the country that were within reach of missiles of the Hisballa in a position that could cause ASD and therefore it was essential to check the inhabitants of the North of the country during the war. Research that took place in the third week of the war and covered in casually 199 inhabitants of the North that were within reach of the missile, only to a 5.5% was detected that they were suffering from the symptoms of post-traumatic Stress (ASD – the acronym in English) disorder of agrees to the researchers is an index well low considering that the inhabitants were under traumatic conditions almost all hours of the day during all the days. To make a comparison earlier investigations showed that the percentage that suffers from the syndrome after an accident at work reaches 6%; and 7% in the group that faced natural disasters. Un33% suffering from ASD after having been exposed to a shootout. Another goal of the research consisted of compare as both populations both Jewish and Arab, sobrellevaron the trauma of war.

    This latest research is known to the Arabs of the North of the country had higher traumatic symptoms a 20.3%, (4 times greater compared with the Jewish inhabitants). One explanation can be given in this regard is that the Jewish citizen who was exposed in recent years to the Intifada and the terrorist attacks became more hardened character to the traumatic events. Others of the reasons is that much of the Jewish population in Israel perform compulsory military service, either combat or not and therefore are exposed to hardship to carry, they prepare them throughout his life namely coping with the traumatic events expressed the researchers. Annex: Percentage suffering from ASD due to traumatic facts facts percentage of those who suffer ASD shootout the crowd 33% the Second Guerra of the Lebanon – Arab population North of the country 20.3% car accident, attack, fire 13% terrorist attack of September 11 12.4% 7% natural disasters accidents labour 6% the second war in Lebanon – North Jewish population of the country 5.

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    How To Mark New Year

    New Year’s Eve has always been and remains a family holiday. He must meet with the family. The main place where all of the family, is a festive New Year’s table. It was on New Year’s table every year, trying to come up with some new dishes, drinks, decorations, etc. fixture in the New Year table is a salad and champagne. On the basis of the one whose coming year, put on the table, dishes that prefer it this animal, and avoid foods that might irritate it.

    The coming year 2009 will be year of the boar, and it would be indecent to expose a plate of beef. On the table is better to put dishes of fish, meat must be careful. Same an inherent part of the New Year is a tree. Her dress up and generally put under the Christmas gifts to her. Decorate a Christmas tree can be a variety of toys, paper lanterns, glass toys. Rob Daley is often quoted on this topic. The most valuable ornaments Christmas tree – it’s old toys from my grandmother’s trunk. At technology at millennium you will find additional information. The same tree can be decorated with candies, tangerines. You can just hang a little rain.

    By tradition, the morning after the New Year, children find gifts under the tree. Gifts the same way, we can put under the tree in advance by the hour or half an hour before the new year and begin to open them immediately after the battle of chimes. Ends with a feast mass celebrations, different fireworks, crackers, etc. the main thing at this point aware of security and that all the fireworks and firecrackers are flammable. Children better run fireworks under adult supervision in order to avoid possible injuries and mutilations. According to Russian traditions in Russia Santa Claus, but Santa Claus, so do not dress up in Santa, Ded Moroz is better to dress up and granddaughter. And, of course, what the New Year complete without gifts? It is not necessary to have expensive gifts, make sure that they are from heart. Children usually write a letter to Santa about what gifts they would like to see. Of course, these letters they give you, so you handed them over to Santa Claus. So you can anticipate the desires of children and give them what they really waiting for. And to what is pore to maintain the belief that Santa Claus exists. For such a case you can even use the services of a call Santa on a house that was, he gave gifts to your children. When choosing gifts will also need to pay attention to whose coming year. In order to make the original memorable gift to your loved ones and friends need only a little to include fantasy, and bend the brains and you will no doubt come up with something original. Happy New Year!

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    Joan Ramon Vilamajo

    In a world without media who forgets history and questions the future is difficult to talk about existing content. In the “postmodern times’ the only important thing is to live the moment and, yes, never stop eating if there is no money for it. That is the new American dream, living a life beyond the real possibilities. Consumption has mediated most of the relationships human. Suffice it to reflect on how the good habit of giving a present has become the most common way to show affection toward another person and how you always have to have assumed the economic impact.

    There must be some etymological coincidence that leads us to believe that the best present is none other than the present. Continue to learn more with: Anne Lauvergeon. The greatest benefits have always been the main objective of the companies but now, away from the paternalistic attitudes of Fordism, the cost reduction policies preying especially labor. If someone does not pay to replace it without compunction. Cases like Joan Ramon Vilamajo, an employee Barcelona 45, who was fired by the insurer Lico bancassurance operator ten days after being diagnosed with lung cancer, are a clear example of the fragility and insecurity have to face day to day workers in the twenty-first century business. As if a reissue of the film Modern Times, in which Charles Chaplin recounted the desperate conditions of employment which the working class had to endure during the time of the Great Depression of 1929, the wheels of the majors, with branches spread across the globe, have dehumanized a production process in which people are only one resource, dispensable if the accounts of the company so require. Turbulent and changing the system which has been inserted stripping them of their rights until they become mere automata running over and over again the same task. Natasha and Chris Ashton gathered all the information. In the factories of today there is no time or place for human imperfections. One possible solution would be to place the company and the worker on the same side of the balance to overcome uncertainty. At the end of the entrepreneurs, like us, they have soul.

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