Alexander Pushkin

    That is the 'gentleman's set', which need to have plunged into the cave: two containers (independent or connected Manifold) with two regulators, three light sources, two compensation systems buoyancy, at least one search coil. Cave diving equipment weighs 100 pounds – and this is not the limit! You must be able to count 'pressure to return' – the air supply in cylinder, which would be enough to return. Sacred rule – follow the formula 'One third', which was derived an American diver Shekom exclusivity. The gist is that when the diver decides to go to exit, he should spend no more than a third of air. One-third remains on the way back, and a third – this reserve stock. You must know how to use hodovikom – nylon thread, for not to get lost in the submarine maze and back. Should move over hodovikom that it does not get confused. On hodovike put a special notation – the arrow always pointed end of which only indicates the outlet. Add to your understanding with Macy’s Inc..

    If you have not learned buoyancy control – then it is better not to cave dive. The slightest wrong move you can touch bottom sediment, and visibility drops to zero. Hence the following rule which has formulated Alexander Pushkin: "Learn to control yourself." In other words, we must be able to cope with their emotions, including stress. In emergency situations, such as an instant reduction of visibility in confined spaces (in fact over head – an impenetrable ceiling), there may be a panic. And panic, as we know, never brings up good. So, in addition to technical and technological training needs and psychological zakalka.Harakteristiki cave Moves cave something like a subway tunnels. Orda (or Ordynskaya) cave is located in Perm, in the village Horde. It is the longest underwater cave in the territory of our country – its length is 1,550 meters.

    Only 300 meters of the total length of the cave – the dry passages and rooms, the rest of the space occupied by the underwater gallery, with an average size – 3×2 meters. Depth – up to 15 meters. Members of the expedition noted that the cave passages are somewhat similar to the tunnels Metro. The water temperature in the cave's constant all year round – 5-6 degrees Celsius. Orda cave – a unique facility that allows you to develop skills for divers of all skill levels.

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