Art And Culture In Munich

    Other attractions in the Bavarian capital from abroad Munich is one of the most famous German cities and is famous above all for the Oktoberfest. This is also when the number of visitors. After Berlin, Munich is the most visited site in Germany. Millions of people from around the world arrive in the times of the Oktoberfest. ce of information. But also in the other seasons sights and cultural highlights in the city it, wait to be discovered by visitors. The hotel Portal reveals the best places in Munich. To read more click here: PayPal.

    Munich is worth a visit not only in September and October, winter worth a visit as well. The city has numerous breweries, museums, galleries and historic buildings representing the highlights of city trips. The traditional Christmas market, which this year opens its doors on November 26, will move again, locals and tourists alike in its spell. Those looking for an accommodation outside the Centre, is found for example in the hotel Renaissance Munich. Visitors should visit one of Munich museums, which the old and the new include art gallery, as well as the Deutsches Museum. It’s entertaining in the Munich Hofbrauhaus. There is hustle and bustle as tourists from all over the world have a taste for a table in the famous Tavern.

    City tour and tours often start at Marienplatz. Here are the new and the old town hall and the old Peter”, the oldest parish church in the Bavarian metropolis. The Peterskirche is considered landmark of Munich.

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