Aryan Presence

    As he progressed by unspoiled countries of Aryan presence, his heart was convincing that his destiny called it; that a future Grand and different from everything than imagined until then looked it after these mountains. Therefore he did not hesitate in investing their haciendas in the adventure, because I was convinced that nothing could pass would be contrary to what I had to go. He would face what had to face, and died when I had to die. Or no, maybe not I would die never. This was a thought omnipotent, overly pretentious, but the air of the place had provided him with a vital influence so powerful, that the idea it seemed possible. Nothing would stop him.To see that he was an empire that met to conquer ordered prepare everything meticulously, with the precision required for such a task, but without fear; something inside told him that they measure, given that this advance led him, and he would win. The legends of central Europe on ways to become vampire invoke one that is amply fits this case: a man who in life committed many murders, taking innocent lives, and that then the same dies violently, is called to become a dead. Not always, but its possibilities are high. Francisco Pizarro was born in a middle-class of the time, but as the natural son of a nobleman’s home; or sinful conception according to Catholic standards at that time. However, he managed to enter in the Spanish Navy and obtain a position, partly helped by his second cousin, Hernan Cortes, conqueror of Mexico. You divide and rule, a Latin saying, and Pizarro faced the Inca Atahualpa, the Inca, faction with the help of one of the brothers of this. Then he paid this favor contracting marriage with one of his daughters, to whom Christianized under the name of Agnes. But Christianity was never total, if even now it is not at all in South America, much less was in the 16th century.

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