Bad Nauheim

    You get hardly work and must work to 67! Workplaces only can arise from it is lowered for 35 hours the week when the general working time. Only working time from 40 hours may be the week permitted a maximum and must be compensated for within a month. Why does the government not change the working time law? At 72 hours in the week it authorizes if 48 hours are not exceeded in the times working period of 6 months because of! Map, insanity, with 6.3 million unemployed unemployment! The instrument of the short-time work helps nothing. The employees first are sent in short-time work and dismissed after a couple of months so that the other employees must work again longer! Why do they put up with it of the government? 7 million people are oppressed here! It is all about her money. They sue for your rights for the competent social welfare tribunal or industrial tribunal. Complaining at the quality negotiation up to the first instance, being able to be taken by the state on application of to interim order! They therefore use her legal costs insurance or the help of the trade unions (for members only.) The motto is always valid it here: you “vote” on the new one here for her torturers again and again only one helps the amendment of the constitution. The article 38 ABS.

    1 constitution (GG) and article 38 paragraph 2 of (GG), has to be painted without replacement. (You are) representative of the whole people this is possibly for 2/3 majorities of the Bundestag paragraph 2 of (GG) as per article 79 with one, not tied to orders and instructions. Parliamentary elections are on September 27, 2009, have the possibility over 7 million electors (unemployed, 1 euro casual worker, beaches, persons of job creation scheme and time worker) of voting this government out. They make use of your right! It is time for the next revolution! Ask union, if you transfer your donations, for security reasons only about Western union and you mention your transaction number, please. Many thanks. Manuel Hachenburger high forest 4 61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany telephone + fax + 49 60 32 7 15 63

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