Board Points

    Department heads, managers and chairmen of the Board receive a monthly basis from several hundred to several thousand euros. Of course, officials portfolios reallocated several times a day, at the time of counting game points and depending on the positioning of players ranked in the firm. Accordingly, the monthly "salary" is calculated only in proportion to the time spent on the player occupying important positions. Payments occur through the billing system PayRal. To re-entered the game, participants had a real opportunity to catch up earlier than the beginning, provided for the preservation of game points accumulated for only 10 days. This means that on day 11 points accumulated on this day priplyusuet and scored by a 1-day will be deducted from the total. Points, respectively the 12 th day will be counted, and removed the 2 nd, etc. Continue to learn more with: Anabela Pires.

    The number of paid "jobs" will be constantly expanding. JobFight does not set a goal to tie the player for a few hours a day to a computer monitor. While some daily activities to achieve positive results will be necessary. However, in When players need time out for a few days, it is quite feasible. As with any real company 'JobFight Unlimited' offers paid leave. This means that a player, this game, due to leave – not only setbacks and keep playing the accumulated points, but to get into their piggy bank average number of points-established by all active participants of the game that day.

    The size of such oplachivanmogo leave is 50 days per year. JobFight is not a difficult strategy game with clans and guilds. This game is designed, above all, a pleasant pastime, and active communication. With all of the above – is the first game, which is built on the principle absolutely free participation and opportunities to earn a decent enough pocket money. Experts in the field of online gaming and online advertising are predicting a big future project. And the players waiting for an interesting paid 'Work', a lot of relaxing games, gifts from our advertisers and, of course – lots of fun.

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