Burgeoning Market

    They could sell between three and five million tablets in the last quarter of the year. Analysts see chances of success if the tablet costs less than $300. Amazon has not yet confirmed the launch of its tablet. The portal Amazon could sell between three and five million tablets in the last quarter of the year and thus become the main rival to the iPad, ensures the company Forrester Research analysis. Amazon has not yet announced officially that it will launch its own tablet, but Forrester market analysis ensures that, under conditions specific, the product could become a success. The analyst Sarah Rotman argues that a tablet launched at a price below 300 dollars (207 euros) could give to Amazon – provided you have sufficient supplies to respond to demand – only a few sales of between three and five million in the last quarter of the year. We not only see potential in Amazon to launch its own hardware as an own tablet, but also to be a platform for developers that expand the software and the company’s services to provide a richer experience for the consumer, he published Rotman, who believes that in one year there could be different tablets of Amazon billed by various hardware companies. Apple has some 100,000 applications designed for the iPad, while Google’s Honeycomb platform has attracted fewer than 300 applications, noted the analyst.

    Apple has sold nearly 30 million iPads since its premiere in April 2010, but rival companies have hardly intimidated the technological giant with its proposals. Motorola sold 440,000 units of its Xoom tablet in his first months on sale, while RIM recorded half a million sales of its BlackBerry Playbook. This month, Hewlett-Packard has canceled its TouchPad after poor sales, while its price was reduced to $99. HP confirmed the cessation of production of its equipment with operating system WebOs, including TouchPad, a technology that acquired by absorbing Palm in 2010 with the aim of settling in the flourishing sector of mobile devices. Source of the news: Amazon could become a real rival to Apple in the burgeoning Tablet market

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