Business Plan Beauty Salon Business Plans

Choosing an object must invest in the salon business today, many seek. And no wonder – the specialists argue that the active part of the population (every 6 th resident of the capital) in the salons visited by regularly and the service is paying $ 30-50 a month. Some lady left a favorite of the institution about $ 200-300 per month (average quality facial costs about $ 35, and such procedures a month to take 05.06 plus manicures, pedicures, tanning, hair, make-up ). In health centers and 'day spas "SPA, where the public business" recuperate "the whole weekend, customers pay more. ImagePervy question, which asks himself the organizer of business – when the 'beat off' attachments? Prestigious business class cabin and the medical and beauty centers that provide expensive services, pay off faster (see 'attraction' to the right).

According to some consultants, with an ideal organization of work and luck, institution, equipped with a EUR75 thousand, with two-shift operation for a month can bring about EUR30 thousand profit, ie initial investment will pay off already for 14 months. We have decided in their calculations start from the most common variant in the market, at least (interior economy class for $ 15-20 thousand) with a wide range of services, which may eventually become a launching pad for growth (see 'Our case "). All further calculations're in eur, as prices for most types of equipment are denominated in that currency. The standard error of errors that allowed the organization of business, very standard.

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