CAB Company

    The weeks passed and the dossiers were accumulating, so the debts and problems were greatest. Again personal income was necessary, and the company knew it, so they requested the external firm, new staff who could hire. So, a few days were admitted four people: two in cabin, a person to counter, and another more as administrative assistant. During the period of hiring these people, and to see that had more backwardness, the company decided to take a quite experienced analyst to give training to the two new analysts, for a period of two weeks. The new guys were joining the team, but once he finished training, Ophelia decided to leave the company, as well as one of the administrative assistants first which had entered long ago.

    Some there were other cases of staff turnover, for example, a single CAB guy worked a week. In that period of time, things were getting worse since we had only two analysts, and accumulated workload. There were three responsible for payments, three boys in cabin, and one auxiliary girl. So we spent about a month, until they decided to put the new girl to Assistant analyst, supplanting Ophelia. It was then when managers nationally noted that there was a problem, by which they sent to a manager of another branch that already had much experience in handling groups, analyze the problem and give solution.External Manager had a chat with the entire team so then put everything on your part. Such general meeting of team, served to make us take into account and ask us for our point of view to all the concerns and procedures, and it was as we were slowly pulling all the pending backlog.They took only two weeks to enable thousands of payments to be made and it reduced significantly the debt that had with suppliers. Not be if it was the way in which the external manager told us, or motivation that gave us, but finally there was a team work.

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