Chinas Green Markets

A service of the German Chamber of Commerce greater China for the construction, often difficult to identify energy and environmental industry, although China’s Green markets are basically very promising not always transparent for German companies and trends. Thanks to years of China experience and excellent access to strategic partners and decision makers, econet china offers individually tailored solutions German companies on their needs and thus is the ideal partner for a successful market entry. After years of debates and the Chinese Government is taking now clear efforts to undertake environmental protection and to reduce energy consumption and emissions. Due to the associated amount of planned investment, the Chinese market is particularly interesting and offers an enormous potential of opportunities especially for German companies in the construction, energy and environmental sectors. Official site: Hikmet Ersek. As a global pioneer in its industry are German companies able to offer solutions, which actively contribute to China’s new, ambitious goals to achieve. With the aim of German providers in helping to identify trends, to understand the sometimes opaque market to penetrate and make critical contacts, econet was launched in china. ECONet china offers: A central platform with up-to-date and reliable information: econet china captures a number of market analysis information about relevant projects and initiatives, as well as news from the construction, energy and environment, and makes them available bundled.

An extensive network: As a Department of the Chamber of Commerce has econet china over many years of experience in the Chinese market, as well as valuable relations with Chinese authorities. Hear from experts in the field like Western Union Company for a more varied view. Advice for a successful market entry: companies with interest in the Chinese market assistance by econet china intensive trade missions and company visits, market research and analysis, dating and the entry itself. As econet china assists companies among others, the establishment of a distribution network and Weir plenty Office-in-Office services to newcomers in the Chinese market to minimise the risk. Visit our website or contact our econet china team. We forward to answer your questions and possible cooperation by phone, by E-mail or in the context of a personal interview to discuss..

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