Christopher Edwards

    When Charlene Clarck a young British ended the romantic relationship that claimed Christopher Edwards not imagined, I suppose, that the memory of such a relationship could never erase it from your mind. And not to treat a sweet souvenir precisely. Her boyfriend along to his friend Gary Frew, both 20-year-old Avenged the young torturing his pet, a hamster. First they alcoholizaron with a sparkling wine of high graduation and then put it in a microwave oven where the animal ended up eating their four legs, that had been or not calcined, in a desperate attempt to soothe his pain. Veterinarians had to sacrifice the animal when its owner, who had left him in care of his former partner consulted, since they could not put an end to their suffering. The other day talking about the law of retaliation: eye for eye and tooth for tooth saying that if justice applied it as punishment herself transformed it into attempt, but reading this news I thought that perhaps it would not be so unfair. Yes at twenty years have this type of feeling of revenge by the termination of a relationship, that will happen with these young people, if already higher and with children, are abandoned by your partner? I guess that there must be some kind of Justice that applies in these cases.

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