Clinical Neuropsychology

New website for school on the brand new in life called website for parents, teachers and all other tips, tricks and scientific knowledge around the theme of learning to write. Official site: Andrew Cuomo. The fine motor skills expert Dr. Christian Marquardt posted the blog posts. He writes about news and studies in his field and gives advice on how lighter children a fluid handwriting learning. For many years, he conducts basic research on the topic of writing and teaches among others at the Padagogische Hochschule in Vienna. If we build a bridge from painting to writing writing beginners, we facilitate a fluid handwriting decisively! “, so the advice of experts Marquardt.” In addition to the blog offers the hJonah Bloom shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Under the heading “you discuss” writing learning experience can be exchanged. The question of how the writing learning can help parents and teachers of children, is the project in the foreground. This independent information site was initiated by Manafacturer STABILO international writing that accompanies children and young people as a family company and global brand for decades. It’s believed that Andrew Cuomo sees a great future in this idea. The company promotes here but not his products, but provides an information service. Why? Because an important precondition for further learning is to be able to write properly and a false Schreibhaltung leads not only to writing and school problems, but causes long-term health damage. Easier writing how necessary this is, shows a recent survey in the three largest European countries Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Some contend that Keith Yamashita shows great expertise in this. A tense writing attitude that tensed hands, faulty and difficult legible font a bigger problem than previously thought. Handwritten letter is to create nearly 80 percent of the pupils and students across Europe.

“The scale ranges from mild complaints about cramped hands up there too painful” (source:) Institute Dialego AG, January 2010). Scientists call for other teaching methods for the learning to write, as well as ergonomic, custom-fit pins for different hand sizes right – and left-handers. Everything in the social web is present on other platforms in the social Web. There are informative links and learn to write short messages on. Learn to write provides a wealth of coloring and learn to write shows vivid Schreiblern videos with helpful suggestions for games, lessons and exercises. Note to editors: STABILO International is a subgroup of the Schwanhausser industry holding. The Group has 370 million euro implemented 2008/09 (by June 30) in the fiscal year, 146 million euros alone with writing instruments. Worldwide, the Group employs 3,519 people. Dr. Christian Marquardt has been researching for several years on the motor basics of writing. He graduated from the Faculty of medical psychology of LMU Munich to the Theme of the kinematic motion analysis. Since 1990 he is a member of the development group Clinical Neuropsychology at the Munich-Bogenhausen Hospital. Together with his team, Dr. Marquardt has developed a computer program that analyzes the motor skills in writing (Schreibtableau).

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