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New developments in the law firm of mth Tieben & partner in Cologne mth Tieben & partners law firm has changed their Web site to the 01.01.2013. Among other things, a new design was used to allow the client a better orientation and a better navigation on the website. So, the entire website was streamlined and fitted with a completely new structure. In addition represented only the areas of the law, making the interests of lawyers from Cologne. These interests are inter alia labour law, the tenancy law, the immigration law and the Internet law and social law. Judgments from the mentioned areas of law discusses continue monthly blog associated with the Web page and trying to prepare this understandable as possible for all readers. But judgments not only from the mentioned areas of law are discussed, but interesting topics also judgments from other areas of the law. With this transition to the changed way of working that lawyers from Cologne Be taken into account, that it is just still trying to concentrate on the core business.

An even better consulting services and representation of the firm’s clients to achieve. Both attorneys at law firm of mth Tieben & partner training regularly and have your interests in the areas of law mentioned. Because the Vita of the two lawyers, it is also possible to offer the right services also in Czech, English and Russian. This is the firm’s clients, since a majority of consulting services in immigration law. Often, it is therefore necessary that the lawyers of the firm in one of the above languages communicates what is a further characteristic of the law firm. In the future to try to improve the services. So, the firm should be gradually expanded and adjusted in the near future of also a staff/employee.

In the area of Internet law firm works closely with a partner on the Internet savvy on relevant developments in this area in accordance with to be able to respond. Of course, the firm works also with insurance merchants, notaries and tax consultants to provide comprehensive legal advice to clients in all areas. Should thus an area once beyond mth Tieben & partners the expertise of the lawyers of the law firm, of course appropriate recommendations are made.

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