Combat Right-wing Extremism, Racism And Anti-Semitism.

    Rally should be pointed out loudly on October 17 against right-extremist violence in Berlin after disgusting articles on Nazi portals about the wedding and repeated violent attacks, among others on September 19, 2009 at the Leopold Square and the U-BHF Rehberge, these problems! We want to deal sustainably and preemptively with the problem and invite you cordially with them. The best prevention against racist thought is a vibrant and democratic civil society, which opposes backlash and contemptuous thought even in everyday life. Get all the facts and insights with 7003 Series Processor , another great source of information. A start has been made, the people here are helpful on-site and act with heart and snout”and great courage against right-wing extremism. We got to the Nazis, the hidden Paroli offer the recognizable, the organized group and the acting in affect Einzeltatern right on the street. This is our public space, zero tolerance the rights. Where, right-wing with marches to wear their racism in the public, everywhere we are as citizens and Citizens demonstrating against the rights and local alliances against the right support. It is important that many people engage in anti-Nazi demonstrations, so Nazis can March freely. We will impede parades and block! We call all citizens and citizens that want to no longer tolerate xenophobic, right-extremist, anti-Semitic and racist statements and acts of violence and inhuman hatred, terror and murders: wedding arrives all the Saturday, October 17, 2009 at 12:30 h on the Town Hall Square, together a clear sign to us and to ask us: so not! No violence against voluntarily engaged with migration biography! No violence against people of other skin colour or religion! No violence against people with alternative life designs! It’s our freedom, our social solidarity and our idea of multicultural acceptance among themselves.

    Please take the time and visit this rally. We look forward to your numerous and want to have a good event with you, put a sign and a broad alliance of people based in Berlin-Mitte, together with you, celebrate together with you. V.i.s.d.P.

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