Corporate Communications

Company to the success of Twitter, Twitter is now second largest network, is a useful tool for corporate communication due to its user numbers. Currently, actively use 825,000 user Twitter in Germany. Therefore, a presence on Twitter offers great potential for corporate communications. How companies use the platform for their corporate communications effectively, we hereafter describe. Tip 1: storytelling in 140 characters Twitter is for the corporate opportunity and a challenge at the same time. About the microblogging service Twitter, users can publish their content in real time. But companies must limit in 140 characters.

Since the storytelling, which is decisive for a good corporate communication can be a challenge to. Therefore companies should be based on the following points: formulate as soon as possible. Avoid noise words. Like heading write Tweets. Shorten links common term abbreviations on the network use. This applies: the perfect Tweet is limited to 120 characters.

Messages in this length have the greatest resonance. Tip 2: Hashtags for a higher reach and visibility of corporate communications of Hashtags are tags on Twitter, within the Tweets with a hash mark (“#”) are marked. With Hashtags, companies can assign their content specific subject areas. So, companies to alert other Twitter users on the content. To maximize the visibility and reach to the network, companies can use Hashtags that have already established themselves on the network. Companies should create also your own Hashtags and regularly use them to establish them. Tip 3: personality convince users search on social media for the personal contact. In addition to information about products and services she also interested the day-to-day business. Therefore, companies can loosen up their Twitter presence with pictures, graphics and videos. Because Visual content encounter a higher resonance as pure text posts. So, companies can report their day-to-day, customer appointments or other exciting projects. This creates authenticity and makes the presence of Twitter more interesting and more personal.

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