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What should be guided by choosing a laptop? The very first thing – is the weight of the laptop, it is desirable that it be minimal, so you will not be hard to take it on the road, on a trip. Second – you should pay attention to its economy, laptop battery should provide at least two o'clock uptime, and better – work for eight hours. The third – his power has to be able to use as office programs and graphics editors, and in between to allow to run any popular game right now, and the like. The laptop, which is characterized by a matrix in 12,1-13,3 inches, is a mobile personal computer. Differ significantly from their model with the matrix 14.1 inches. But these models have one drawback – their mass is much greater than the value of 2.5 kg with external usability, and there are many different functions.

Model with a matrix 12 pixels seem like toys in the hands of user. But to use such a model is not convenient, and all of the small size. But with the PDA things differently – to buy a PDA is not a problem, but now use it as a professional device that will be very, very difficult. Grains of the matrix (12-inch or less) just a tiny (0.204 mm), while the models in the 14.1-inch and 13.3-inch grain size is 0.237 and 0.223 mm. Many will say – the most high-quality image, where the grain size less! Yes theoretically all the way, but in practice it is quite the opposite, since its opening, and including the coveted purchase, we begin to sense that our eyes get tired more quickly from a long stay in front of such a screen. As a result, the user accepts the only right decision – replaces the matrix size to a larger, ie 14.1 or 13.3 inches. To connect your laptop was easy to use, it should provide maximum function with minimum weight. To acquire such a device would have to spend quite a large amount, due to the fact that low-cost laptops malofunktsionalny. You can even consult on the subject, for example, going to shop online, and there you the same repeat once more.

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