Device Manager Start

Create option on the shortcut menu to defrag folders defragment the paging file, greatly increases performance but it is impossible to make it through the Windows Defragmenter, lee how to do it on the next page: defragment the pagefile and registry files. Make sure that I do not have any device conflicts check Device Manager (start > devmgmt.msc) to make sure you don’t have any device conflicts, if so you’ll see a question mark, in this case seeking the necessary driver, uninstall the device and replace it. 3. Start of the Explorer and load all the applications that start with Windows. To optimize this stage do the following: check the list of programs and applications that start with Windows. For that accesses the system configuration window, typing at home or run: MSCONFIG and press Enter, tab Windows startup you will see a list with the information of the startup item, the manufacturer the location, etc. Any of the applications you find here is Windows itself.

Retains only the truly necessary, removes that sporadically in use and you can start them manually, the antivirus logically is essential to retain it. Avoid an excessive and unnecessary accumulation of files and folders on the desktop since everything is in that directory will need to be loaded into memory. Other options to decrease Windows startup time, further identify the cause of delays in the startup and shutdown of Windows and apply a method that will allow you to measure the time which uses your PC to restart the system can read it on the next page: start Windows faster.

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