Do You Have A Business?

Do you have a business or just a job? Michael Gerber is a business consultant who has left a deep impact with their comments on SMEs. In particular, you see and what the role of business owner. Gerber says that people get into business for the wrong reasons. The error is that they are skilled technicians who are very good providing the customer what the business offers and therefore believe they can leave their jobs and earn more money by making them yourself. Gerber is what employers called an attack when the technician leaves his job and opened his own business. These technicians are convinced that you will find more freedom in your business working for others, but find that in their own business are the hardest job in the world because there is no escape.

It is they who are doing the work. They and the business are the same to! But if they themselves have become the business, then did not create one, but have created their own gig. Words are self-employed. According to Gerber, the role of business owner is very different. The owner must create a business that works independently of him or her. In this case, the business has to operate without the work within it. At that time, the business owner can choose to sell it or not, because in that moment have a source of passive income from a money making machine. Also when your business reaches this level, the model can be replicated from one place to another.

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