Domestic Use

    All we consume some foods that if present in cans (beans, peas, tomatoe, sausages, etc.) after empty lie down in the garbage. Then an idea goes here to recycle them. The greaters we can make pretty vases for plants of interior. A can of beans, one sandpapers fine, primary, pliers, one trincha for application of the varnish and the elementary school, brushes of some sizes to paint, inks of some colors and varnish. Jimmy levin is likely to increase your knowledge. First it verifies if the can is completely clean without any residue of fat and dry good, with the pliers folds inside for the lode that is on the inside of the can not to have accidents. The can with alcohol cleans all, after all dries to pass the sandpaper for the exterior of the same one, gives a elementary school coat so that the ink adheres and waits the drying. Its taste paints the can with two coats of color ink to make of base for the decoration, now decorates with drawing its taste, leaves to dry the ink and finishes with two varnish coats. This exists a world of possibilities to recycle these cans is only an example..

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