Doors – The Price Of The

All we ever faced, and faced with a repair, our dear, warm and cozy home. We come up with different designs, trying to do something special and individual, to please the eyes of others. If someone understands, he knows that almost at the end of each repair the turn to establish internal doors. But which door? Doors economy class or laminated doors, and maybe from the array. How to choose a door that they were combined with the overall interior design, and where to buy those same doors? Did not unimportant question we ask ourselves how much fun it all will cost. Really tough questions, but said the Baron Munchausen no, not issues to be resolved, there is only self-evident truth. Try to understand in order.

To begin with, what did the door to buy. The Russian market in great abundance you can find thousands of varieties interior doors. Colors, shades, structure and material, all of this individuality of each door. But we must choose the appropriate style door in conjunction with the interior. Just want to break on the price category of some the most popular materials used in the manufacture of doors. 1.Nedorogie laminated doors. The average price range of such doors 2-3 thousand rubles. These doors are in demand in different segments of the population that is connected low price.

2. Doors of a class made of artificial veneer. They are slightly more expensive than laminate. 3. Doors of natural veneer and solid. Price ranges from about 6 to 50-100 thousand rubles. Based on the above stated, above all, rely on the funds that we are willing to spend. If we talk about where cheaper I would point out, it's markets and online stores, there are certainly cheaper than the store in the downtown or somewhere else. In general, the choice is yours, to buy interior doors of a class or from a file on the site or in a luxury store.

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