Electronic Culture

Thus, everything would be a personal and altruistcal devotion. The idea of collective profit and social responsibility does not exist. This happens because the Brazilian not yet incorporated one real condition of citizen with guaranteed rights and social duties to fulfill. Still advantage of everything takes advantage the idea of taking off. The recognition lack as citizen is that it takes the individual to face the duty as a penosa overload and to develop a esquivista attitude to everything what is to have. In the work relations everything this is one ‘ ‘ plate cheio’ ‘ for the preconception and discrimination. ‘ ‘ The professionals of human resources had obtained to seat in the table of strategical negotiations of the company. Already disentailed of the image of human resources department, the RH professionals gain space inside each more important time of the company.

He is at the hands of them, after all, the main asset of the companies: the people. She has a more intense competition in all the sectors. In virtue of the diversity of products and available services, the consumers are more demanding. This requires new behaviors on the part of the companies whom they intend to prosper. It is not of today that globalization became a familiar term; they will potencializaro it or leverage of the professionals became a inescapvel organizacional requirement. To contract, to hold back and to use vital talentos are a basic source of competitiveness. Even though the shareholders are demanding leader administrators and of high quality and well defined enterprise cultures as a future productive enable signal. Each one of these trends impose that the human side of the company is alavancado as a source of competitive advantage.