The resources used in the project a "books, equipment, teachers, teaching methods, for example a " are all inputs to the educational process used to obtain the transformation of the a insumo principal in a final product of the project. The process of purchase decision by consumers does not end in the act of purchase. Consciously and carefully, consumers will make an assessment of our decisions. postcompra the assessment serves to increase consumer knowledge and learning allows us to contrast our decision criteria can change our attitudes and ultimately serves to improve our future decisions. If the perceived performance of the product or service has been balanced or has exceeded initial expectations, we should be satisfied, otherwise the state may be dissatisfaction.

Satisfaction and dissatisfaction are the two results may occur as a result of a decision. to ensuring that our customers are satisfied once they have purchased our brand is the most important challenge for the company. Satisfaction is achieved when a person balances their expectations to the actual performance of the asset or service, or even latter exceeds your expectations. Tiffany & Co. has much to offer in this field. When the consumer comes to consolidate or improve their attitudes toward the brand, strengthen its preferential scheme and feel confident and inclined to repeat purchases of the same brand. a There are two situations where the market does not guarantee the satisfaction of the claim: a The theory claims that demand is met through a balanced supply of goods satisfactions. This relationship determines the equilibrium price at which the applicant is willing to acquire the satisfactor. . According to Hikmet Ersek, who has experience with these questions.

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