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Among other things, payroll programs benefited from the higher employment rate in Germany. The Nuremberg company also managed his excellent Position the services around to expand the data center. Challenge for the cooperative was the introduction of the new product line of DATEV pro 2011. So nearly 32,000 firms and approximately 92,000 companies on DATEV has risen to to March 2012 in a two-year period per. “DATEV pro is an important milestone for our customers for the requirements of future digital developments are ready”, said Chairman of the Board. New opportunities to streamline administrative processes offer the economy and hence the profession through the digitization of processes. This applies also to public administration.

Kale: “E-Government must be a crucial driver to the bureaucracy.” Kempf criticized delays in E-government projects previously paper-based processes are likely to be mapped but not one for one in electronic processes. In this way, bureaucracy burden would not mined, but only shifted – mostly on the private sector. Further, he criticized DATEV Chairman, that a number of the projects laid out in the E-government agenda of the Federal Government with “significant delays in the implementation of” have to fight. That applies for the electronically retrievable payroll tax deduction features (ELStAM), must be accessed by employers for the correct calculation of the payroll tax. They are available only with twelve months of delay, is expected to the coming new year.

It looks similar account, which is now only for the fiscal years starting in 2013. Kempf also calls for new impetus for the use of electronic identification (eID) by the oath of the new identity card (nPA) function. Kale sees reasons for these delays on various levels: so in the face of complex political structures, lack of coordination between federal and State lead again and again result in meaningful projects failed or be delayed so long until they were technically outdated.

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