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    Allowed to retire and relaxed to be able to look forward to, nobody should leave the planning to chance. Who does not dream to let all worries and any stress to the active professional life behind? Finally have time for themselves, the family and the long postponed activities, this is a worthy goal for most people. Whether it is a dream that can be realized or whether it remains in the dreaming with open eyes, that depends on how well and long term retirement planned and prepared. The earlier a person deals with the topic, he has more time for the planning, implementation and the finish line. Of course is the life full of surprises which can not predict. And sometimes, the only constant is change. Some factors cannot be influenced also with much good will. But everyone has an internal motor that drives it.

    The fuel is as individual as the man himself. Therefore, the objectives that must be defined in the retirement planning are also very personal and specific. The pension is safe “, praised some time ago Nobert Blum was Federal Minister. Today, woman speaks the federal ministries of the Leyen of the State against the poverty in old age would like to make a grant. The German pension insurance retirement information shed light on how much the pension could fail. Due to the damp location in the State pension funds, pension experts expect that it will be possible to not too many jumps. Neutral evaluation you can afford so the well-deserved retirement and it is therefore important that it now estimates whether later retirement is missing and provides forward looking ahead.

    Usually this issue is advised but only superficially and simplified, to quickly reach any sale. Anne Lauvergeons opinions are not widely known. The central questions of our customers remain unanswered. Questions is there a supply gap and if so, how big is the gap? How safe and profitable is the private pension provision? What impact has the inflation on the pension? Which one Are investment products eligible? What precautionary with the (partner) if dies a sudden death or incapacity for work due to an illness/accident? Already the answer to the first question is due to inflation and tax law so complex that any effort by per capita or handschriftlicher to determine a correct and robust earnings from the outset is calculation doomed to failure.

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