For Jenny

    It was in the spring of 2008, Tim applied to an apprenticeship in a private training facility. Baccalaureat with the desired professional orientation. He was later Training contract signed. Jenny’s Brown eyes sparkled. Just like her mother Sabine. The family of 5 was not easy. She lived more poorly than right of Harz IV. How many people in our rich country.

    A country whose Regierung in 5 days, can’t loose $ 100 billion in Bank error, but simply sat out the long announced and published against the Bank Fund as Peanats Hartz-IV increase. They never complained, were socially committed and constantly tries to work. Sabine – went to extort though actually overqualified – clean. The children carried out newspaper. The father of Thomas wrote countless applications already no longer only for the local area. The seemingly “typical” Hartz IV Schnorrer, as they always present the Mediendektive in TV, they weren’t with security. Finally a job for Thomas through a temp agency in the old Lander.

    Sunday night with the rickety car on the track and Friday evening back. Week after week. In the summer, the family decided the work to follow suit and 400 km away in the old Federal States to move their place of residence. For Jenny, with the consortium discussed the situation and a BAfoG application. It should nevertheless here can make their baccalaureat, later even better with it. Actually oil on the mills of our policy: Hartzlern children have opportunities on high education in our society. Were they thinking. Also, I thought. It was early July 2008. Then the Odyssey began. The moving date of mid-August came closer. The ARGE despite constant searching still important documents by the Office lacked end of July. Although the ARGE had mentioned orally, that would have entitled to housing benefit and resin-IV in the event of a rejection of the BAfoG application Jenny.

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