Ford Motor Company

    Entrepreneurs fifties Ray Kroc was 52 years old and worked as a seller of appliances for restaurants when he was fascinated by the small burger bar of brothers Maurice and Richard McDonald, and his system of simple, cheap and fast food. Kroc suggested the two brothers extend their concept of burger bar through franchises and the three teamed up for this purpose. In 1961, he bought the McDonald brothers their share in the business for something more than two and a half million dollars thus becoming the principal owner of the chain, which would become the company’s most important fast food in the world. The chicken to grilled: Roger Schuler need rid of leftover chickens from a bad business. Roger Schuler Swiss had had no luck with the then novel business of raising and selling of chickens to the retail, and after transferring its store of Larco, found more than 1,000 chickens in his possession. Transformed his santa clara casa-granja blue to ward off flies – in a restaurant to step, erected on the unique raw that I had in abundance and that was cheap enough to attract the people travelling by road.

    There was only one way to achieve this: serve a dish unique and prepared in massive amounts. The chicken to grilled was born. Henry Ford: American industrialist known for their innovative methods in the motor vehicles industry. At age 16 he became an apprentice mechanic in Detroit. From 1888 to 1899 was mechanical, then Chief mechanic of the Edison Illuminating Company. In 1893, after experimenting in his spare time, he managed to build his first car, and created the Ford Motor Company in 1903.

    Bill Gates: American businessman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporation. Fascinated by computers since age 12, embarked on several programming projects while studying. During your stay at Harvard, in 1975, Gates teamed up with Allen to develop a version of the programming language BASIC for the Altair, the first computer or personal computer. Given the result obtained with his work in BASIC, decided to leave Harvard, in 1977 to devote himself entirely to Microsoft and get a computer in every Office and in every home, the idea that holding company. Thomas Alva Edison fulfilled the ten years, the small Thomas installed its first laboratory in the basement of his parent’s home and he learned only the rudiments of chemistry and electricity. But at the age of twelve, Edison realized that he could exploit not only his creative capacity, but also his acute practical sense. So, not to mention his passion for experiments, it determined that it was in your hand win cash and cash materializing some of their good occurrences. His first initiative was to sell newspapers and sweets on the train that made the trip from Port Huron to Detroit. The civil war had broken out and travelers were eager for news. Edison persuaded the Telegraph operators of the railway line to give on the notice boards of the titular short stations on development of the race, not to mention add footnote that full details appeared in the newspapers; sold these periodicals the own Edison on the train and there is no saying that they took from the hands. And are they all? There is no more, but for now it is enough. In a next article we will continue.

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