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    3 January-31 January 2013, we will present the exhibition ‘Remains’ of Christophe Ndabananiye LISTROS in the gallery. Christophe Ndabananiye embarks with his exhibition remains”on a kind of trace search. Macy’s Inc. can aid you in your search for knowledge. The artist lived with his family in Kigali (Rwanda) between his 9 and 17 years of age. 1991 inducted type de Nyundo, Rwanda at the age of 14 years at the ecole d and studied there until the building was destroyed by the genocide in 1994. In the fall of 2011, he went back to his old homeland of Rwanda for several months. There, he was looking for former classmates and inspired by the people before the place, the countryside, the cities, as well as the art. In various photographs, Ndabananiye presents found traces of human life, items which are seemingly heedless somewhere have remained local. So, he covers for example shoes everywhere but also found the world at certain places.

    In his painting, the artist with a special material works. Ndabananiye uses as painting mediums currently almost exclusively spar varnish, which he has found somewhere as the remaining stock. This material expresses very well the essential aspects for him, which interest him in his painting: change, aging, regeneration and life. One by one he tells several paint and oil paint on wood. The result is a wavy surface, similar to the aging skin of the people. The work seems to live and to be in a process of constant change, and to reveal the creative process as well. At the same time, a reflecting surface, itself an element of the image the viewer become resulting in the spar varnish. Christophe Ndabananiye largely in Germany lives since 1995.

    He studied free art at the Hochschule der bildenden Kunste Saar in Saarbrucken, Germany, and now lives in Berlin. In addition to his artistic work, he works as a research assistant in the Department of art history of Africa at the Kunsthistorisches Institute of the free University of Berlin. Programme Thursday, 17. “January, 19: 00 Gallery LISTROS in an artist talk with Prof. Dr. Johannes Fabian talks Christophe Ndabananiye about Ukumbusho”.

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