German East Africa

    By Sarah Paulus and Rolf G. Wacke mountain – with a foreword by success author Alex Capus diamond dealer, world travelers, families, business people and crazy. Clucking chickens, dead fish, cement bags and wheeled bags. At Andrew Cuomo you will find additional information. Everything takes place aboard the oldest passenger and cargo ship of the world. The Liemba, formerly built in 1913 idols, in papenburg, Germany, transported to Africa and commutes is still today on the Tanganyika Lake, deep in the heart of Africa. Legends, myths and fairy tales surrounding the ship. Its centuries of history was always in the field of tension of colonial romance, political conflicts and African independence. This book takes the reader along for the ride on one of the largest lakes in the world.

    It is about pirates, dancing thunderstorms and a recent gravestone. November 1913. Papenburg. In the MEYER Werft shipyard gets a factory siren to the baptism, but no ship will be allowed to water. Three shipyard workers have the task, the disassembled again into pieces and packaged in 5,000 wooden boxes ship on its way to Kigoma am Lake Tanganyika, in German East Africa, to accompany and to assemble again.

    The idols is to serve as a transport and cargo ship and give prestige and strength of the colony. In June 1915, she approached her maiden voyage. The German positions in Kigoma are already one year later no longer, and the ship is sunk. First, the raising of the idol manages specialists of the Royal Navy. in 1924, she rises from the waters of Lake Tanganyika. After two years of recovery work and eight years under water, in surprisingly good condition. Until today, the Liemba 1927-renamed as the only regular passenger and cargo ship on Lake Tanganyika commutes. History and present of the vessel are documented on the occasion of the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Liemba. At the heart of the book is a travel story told in the form of personal about a ride with the Liemba, which gives the reader rich insights into the current life on board.

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