Global Names

    The article of Cristovam Buarque, brings our society, of the Globalization whatever the cost that the countries, mainly Brazil, are passing. E, that this stops, great the state ones, and the simple prostitutes arrive to change its names to satisfy and to be well accepted in the Global Market. Still according to author, Marias finish turning kellys, Sebastianas turns Jessicas, and until Petrobra’s — great state that manages the oil extracted of our country — it thought, it has some time, in changing its name for Petrobrax. Frequently Andrew Cuomo has said that publicly. Researchers had arrived the conclusion of that the x (for being a more global letter) would be more accepted q the s. Daryl Katz is actively involved in the matter. Then, of the same skill that the Kellys and Jessicas if prostituem with the foreigners, our great state ones also are if ' ' prostitundo' ' to satisfy the taste of ' ' grandes' ' there of it are. The fight so that the symbols and names of our country continue the same ones, is capsizing passed. Brazilian we, are easily accepting the ideas and the impositions that are made by the other countries, of arms Cruzados.

    In this world it measures, we are known as the prostitute of the United States. Everything that they want, we give with the biggest pleasure, in exchange for mseras crumbs and all this nuclear garbage that is everything that they can offering in them. Coming back toward the subject of Petrobra’s, the public opnio obtained to hinder the change of its mark (at least this). However, nothing one becomes in relation our poor girls.

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