Gordon Relationship

    If one may use the expression, the best defense is attack (SALZMAN; MATATHIA; REILLY, 2003, p.161 and 162). 3.3 To add Values ‘ ‘ A value proposal consists all of a set of benefits that the company promises to deliver; it is more than what the central positioning of oferta’ ‘ (KOTLER and KELLER, 2006, P. 141). To add values is basic in the services of relationship with customers. They increase the perception of quality and satisfaction. For Iacobucci (2001, p.355), Beyond the implications in advertising, the subjectivity and the intangibilidade of the services also possess a reasonable effect in relation to the judgments of evaluation of the customers. A time that many aspects of the quality of determined merchandise can in such a way be measured one objective, the quality of the service and satisfaction of the consumer is defined by the consumers by means of the subjective evaluation of value who make how much to the experience that they had had with the given services. These models confirm the evaluations of the customer as a comparison of the experience of access with its previous expectation.

    The author strengthens the importance on of the value in the relations with customers. … academics are considering each time more apparent than nor evaluations of product quality or of the satisfaction of the customer they in such a way have impact on the repetition of the purchase and the allegiance how much the perceptions of value of it. The value is defined as a equalization between quality or the satisfaction and the price, including economic and psychological prices, such as purchase and search efforts (IACOBUCCI, 2001, P. 357).

    As Godin (2000), to generate values by means of the interaction is well more interesting of what solving the problem of a customer in few seconds. In this manner, if to acquire the right to relate with permission, simply it will have obtained the right to use frequency. This is the essence of the Marketing that also creates confidence. 3,4 Marketing of Gordon Relationship (1998, p.31) defines Marketing of relationship as, … the continuous process of identification and creation of new values with individual customers and the sharing of its benefits during a partnership life all. This involves the understanding, the concentration and the administration of a continuous contribution between suppliers and customers selected for the creation and the sharing of mutual values by means of interdependence and organizacional alignment. Bogmann (2000), presents an ample concept on Marketing of Relationship. Search to generate new value consuming them and to divide this value between the producer and the consumer.

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