Harald Stramka

    The corporate design should be reflected also in the new building. Essential characteristics were under including the square building layout, the pyramid roof with wood structure and the spacious central pyramid of light. Also the wood window should guarantee the recognition effect. The glass pyramid is one of the Visual highlights of the herb of Justice. A to strong sunlight and thus the excessive heating of the rooms even at high outside temperatures are reduced through the use of Sun protection glass.

    The planning and construction of the pyramid took over metal construction specialists from FREYLER. The structure of the balcony provided FREYLER steel construction. We could offer as usual everything from one hand to the builders,”explained Harald Stramka. The Interior of the building is bright and open. The Atrium beneath the pyramid forms the Centre of the building and connects the gallery-style restaurant on the top floor of the retail space on the ground floor. The glass pyramid provides natural light and allows the look at the starry sky at night. The lighting, especially the twelve lamps, floating under the glass pyramid accents.

    The shop is sent furnished with Islands and zones for the various goods, because in addition to tea, spices, and herbs the herb farm offers also aromatic oils, vinegar, perfumes and fragrance lamps, natural cosmetics and bath accessories. Since the establishment should be individually, a Carpenter of the appropriate wood furniture produced. The upper floor with its rustic bar, with niches and a tiled stove is comfortable. About 200 guests in the indoor and outdoor areas can be catered for at peak times. FREYLER designed industrial building the large-scale cooking kitchen with storage, cold storage and the required ventilation system therefore together with a professional planner. The gastronomy, the legislation, especially to the fire, are much larger. Also here, individually appropriate solutions have been developed. Let the excellent partnership between the herb farm builders and the FREYLER project team and to be Krauterstube what they are today: a place which invites you to a sensual experience of sales, but also to the extensive Enjoy and try. A quick overview of the FREYLER group get on.

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