History About Sanatoria Of Kislovodsk

    History Kislovodsk is closely linked to the source of mineral water – Narzan, around which the town was built later. The official founding year of Kislovodsk was 1798, when the city welcomed visitors on the first season of Medicine. In 1803, a fortress was built near a source of mineral water, and then she transformed into a resort area. At that time, pioneered the migration of citizens from other regions of Russia. Sanatoria of Kislovodsk became famous in since the arrival of MY Lermontov in this region.

    Owing to the high quality of service. In 1822 mineral water springs have been formulated with a luxurious 2-storey building where the restaurant was open. Today the restaurant has a large dance hall and guest rooms. Thredup does not necessarily agree. The town is built near Narzan gallery, where visitors can improve your health with the healing of drinking water in the Caucasus. Architecture gallery building was done in Victorian style – Construction lasted 10 years and ended in 1858.

    Years passed and became greener Kislovodsk – emeralds streets and parks glittering in the heart of the city – and the biggest diamond in the spring, the water was cold as ice. Today, the spring can be seen clear pond with a glass jet – one of the major sights. Kislovodsk population grew rapidly – from 1551 to 6000 from 1881 to 1891. A major role in increasing the birth rate belonged road which connects with the Kislovodsk Mineral waters in 1875, and the railroad that delivers guests to the city from the center of Russia through the same mineral water. Convenient transport infrastructure has brought many new visitors to the city, which contributed development of new residential areas and the growth of consumption of mineral water. In 1895, electricity came to town, and in 1896 a small factory began to produce mineral water. Upper Park was decorated with unique designs – concert hall, like a giant shell, with its unique acoustic properties. In the 1920's and 1930's many new resorts were built and the old building was reconstructed. In 1928, the center of the city has acquired a new, modern bath consisting of 60 booths. October baths were filled with light and had a large tank of mineral water – 400 cubic meters. The old bottling plant in the same year was renovated and modernized. In 1934, the city government built a house for therapeutic mud, silt, mud sulfide which provides for all who wish to improve health. Later, new health centers located in areas favorable microclimate, were open to receiving a growing stream of visitors. In 1950, all hospitals and health centers of the city were completely rebuilt after World War II. In addition, the scientists carried out the mass hydrogeological research, resulting in the search for new sources of mineral water for the spa needs. New therapeutic areas with the most modern medical equipment provided maximum benefit to the visitors. Spa center of the city is located on 50 years of October ave, green street, full of architectural and historical monuments, an ideal combination of modern and ancient buildings. Kislovodsk is surrounded by a ring of green trees, that keep the air in the fresh and cool. The city also has industrial zones, which is in harmony with its specialization. The proportion of urban population makes all the visitors to feel safe and comfortable. Modern Kislovodsk is one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the south of Russia.

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