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    Our beautiful tradition is hospitality 1967 placed Hans and Hedi Lingg, the foundation stone for the family business and got acquainted with warmth, music and humor quickly beyond the borders of the Allgau countryside beyond. After several extensions and a major revamp in 1993, the Wellnesshotel was Bergkristall. Since then the House has grown steadily and with its generous spa area is now one of the leading Wellnessadressen in Oberstaufen in Allgau. “Individual service light and purity, strength and harmony – these values of the timeless and beautiful gemstone Bergkristall” are also the sources of strength of hospitality in accordance with the experience and holiday offers for the guests. Our beautiful tradition is hospitality.

    “This motto, we advertise for our House and with this expectation, our guests come to us,” said Sabine Lingg, the das Bergkristall “since 1993 together with her husband, Hans-Jorg Lingg leads. “Enthusiastic and well relaxed guests are our goal. We want through high demands on the quality of our services and our staff as well as a good communication with our guests.” “Strong direct sales as in the Bergkristall” all guests and prospective customers individually addressed. With a specially tailored pre-stay-communication, guests are prepared on your vacation. So additional services can be offered already in advance of stay, so then, when the anticipation is greatest. This generates not only a higher turnover, but leads to less stress through better planning by the guests. Conversely, the hotel reached by post stay mailings, or by subsequent mailings on requests and written offers, a very high posting rate. By the way collected more guest reviews to assess the own performance.

    To automate these complex operations, Lingg Family within the hotel software has shown hotline frontoffice a marketing cycle. Target group-oriented the mailings will be shipped here completely independently of the PMS. The Guests will appreciate this special service. Surprise and delight always a bit more does, and, as the guest expects. As in Guest communications remains Bergkristall”faithful also in its core competence of this philosophy. That wellness can, include more than just a few hours in rest rooms to dream, that the guest in the rock-crystal nature and Spa experiences”. Wellness for the soul emerges here as a harmonious all-around package “from wonderful natural, high-quality treatments, finest food and tasteful ambience. For many, the unique Outlook, which offers its guests comfortable rooms, panoramic restaurant with terrace and newly also from the entire spa area, is already wellness for the mind. Despite a detour in the Crystal SPA is worthwhile. “” The part of the world, where is das Bergkristall “is in Paradise” called. And so the guests feel not only well cared for and personally supervised, but actually like in Paradise”.

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