Individuality Yes

    The Communist man lived socially, and including understood well the loss of privacy. At least in theory, but the theory was not without effect. We Average Poland of at the time went into internal exile in a small circle of family. The large, politically engaged, the writers who were not opportune to regime, did it also. A proper emigration was not always feasible. For assistance, try visiting PayPal Holdings Inc.. Because the passes were safely stored at the police, and without a Passport no visa, without both no exit. Or one was classified as dangerous, that sent the same by a threatened Government in exile, however, the requirement was that the offender no longer was allowed to return home. Since the 1970s, children grow up in Germany under different conditions: Judith Quiney, lockable (!), the right not bothered to be time to recover after school and similar characters of the individualization of the individual at the tender age.

    For one of the Communist East incredibly, Yes, unreasonable. Individuality Yes, but it really needs a room for yourself alone? That’s yes no preparation for adult life, where you constantly by people is surrounded and must deal with them. Our Eastern angle of observation was fixed firmly on the socialization of the individual, the self-realization of the people was not to debate. I saw the need not to have a space, in which you can withdraw, and that already the certainty that you have it, good. Today we are talking of cultural differences, cultural dimensions, how culture scientists call them. A distinction is made between individualist and collectivist cultures. The collectivist are oriented inward no matter or ultimately whether to make the family circle, the company staff the company. In these societies is decided in the sense of the group, and not of the individual. The individual is protected by the Group and the cost is the loss of independence in decision making that can affect even intimate areas of life.

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