Infantile Terms

    This process in which if it also establishes new bonds with the society and with the family, not more in infantile terms and yes next to a more adult model, is one of the basic tasks of the adolescence (OUTEIRAL, 2003). The way for which the adolescent usufructed to be accepted in the group was not very favorable, therefore so that it could be inserted, it had that to steal, to change its style (clothes), to use drugs, among others behaviors. Following with this idea, Aberastury and Knobel (1970) they estimate that personality of the adolescent in the group ' ' costuma to be outside of all the process that is happening, especially in the spheres of the thought, … and the individual is felt total irresponsible for what redor&#039 happens to its; ' (P. 37). The adolescent especially was influenced by new ' ' amiga' ' , this that remained more in the house of the adolescent in question, of what in its proper house. Several of the behaviors of the adolescent had been influenced and strengthened for this friend. At certain moments it was possible to evidence the next behavior to the psicopatia in this adolescent who if said ' ' amiga' ' , such behaviors as disaffected, cruelty with the object, indifference, lack of responsibility, being this typical one of the psicopatia, but that it can be found in the normal adolescence (ABERASTURY and KNOBEL, 1970).

    Inserted in a group, the adolescent had that auto-to affirm itself, that is, she started to use drugs, different clothes (torn), placed pirsing and also she started if to relate with a youngster. As it justifies Outeral (2003, P. 19), ' ' choice of a partner … is one of the main ones? tasks? of the adolescence. Initially the choices are characterized by intense passions and arrebatadoras' '. Standing out that these bonds seem to have an intense aspect, however they are fragile.

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