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    YOUR own TV channel online. Make your first attempts with your own TV channel online do not need much. Simply with a good webcam and a good broadband Internet connection you already have the basics, and you can begin to make your first tests. Although most of the sites are in English, creating a television channel on one of these sites is not so difficult, only you have to dedicate yourself. In general the organisation of these sites is quite similar between each other.

    Here is a brief list of places where you can create your own channel of TV. for example mogulus. You must first go to configure your channel. You then create your own channel, you choose a name, assign a subject category and upload the logo of your channel. Suppose that your channel name was Juan Carlos TV. the address will be. You then upload the video that will be issued along with the clip.

    You have a central console where you have control of the videographs, cameras and video blocks. You also have a console to preview the material and then send it to the air. You can work with multiple cameras and also assemble your own live shows. Everything is really interesting for who likes this theme, you can combine images live with other videos taken from internet, create texts overlay the images, and even chat with viewers. Like everything on the internet, you have to enter yourself to these sites and gossiping that is, go testing and then when you already know well the program you manejaras with ease and that will be the time to notify all your acquaintances about your tv channel. Important: The site: this in castellano Eduardo Blanco your new way of living!

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